Kerala PSC Model Questions for University Assistant Exam - 91

Kerala PSC Model Questions for University Assistant Exam - 91

Model Questions for University Assistant

Information Technology

1. First E-book in Malayalam:

2. First computer animated news reader:

3. Kerala State IT Mission is located at:

4. The key placed at the top left corner of the keyboard:

5. FTP stands for:

6. Who launched Hotmail?

7. The first 3G service provider in India:

8. The walkie talkie is an example for which mode of communication?

9. The term GIGO is related to:

10. First microcomputer virus:

11. The first 4G service provider in India:

12. First Mobile Virus:

13. Full form of LTE:

14. Full form of MIMO:

15. First MS-DOS virus:

16. Programmed instruction to the computer is known as:

17. India's First 5G lab:

18. General purpose computers run most of their programs from rewritable memory called:

19. Main memory is commonly implemented in a semiconductor technology called:

20. Alt+F4 is short key in keyboard used for:

21. Father of computer architecture:

22. "The Best of 2600: A Hacker Odyssey" is written by:

23. Punishment for sending offensive messages through communication service are related to which section in the IT Act?

24. The term data is originated from which Latin word?

25. The Internet is an example of what kind of network?

26. Computer language Cobol was developed by:

27. Ctrl+X is a short cut to:

28. The instructions stored in ROM are called:

29. The headquarters of Google is located at:

30. Linus Kernal is an open source operating system developed by:

31. The full form of BCD is:

32. First Cyber Security Chief in India:

33. A process known as ___ is used by large retailers to study trends:

34. ___ is the address where Internet users can access a website.

35. Text edition of Microsoft Windows:

36. A software application used for accessing information on the World Wide Web:

37. Project Tango is associated with which company?

38. The latest version of Internet Explorer:

39. The domain name of India is:

40. First e-port in India:

41. First digital village in India:

42. World Computer Literacy Day:

43. IBM 1401 was a ___ Generation computer:

44. Father of free software foundation:

45. Expansion of BHIM

46. SOPA stands for:

47. System software is an interface between___

48. The first state in India to offer e-mail in Hindi:

49. How many layers are there in TCP/IP protocol?

50. What is the full form of GPU?

51. The maximum size of a word document:

52. A software utility that translates codes written in a high-level language into machine level language:

53. Pictorial representation of the algorithm is called:

54. What is known as Silicosapien?

55. The device required for internet connection:

56. Opera, Comino and Konqueror are examples of ___

57. Kaspersky, Norton and K7 are examples of ___

58. National e-Governance Plan (NeGP) started in:

59. Which input device was originally known as 'X-Y Position Indicator'?

60. Who invented the computer mouse in 1963?

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