Kerala PSC Computers Question and Answers - 34

01. A device that combines data from multiple computers and load them on a common communication channel is:

02. The extension of a paint file:

03. First Malayalam interface browser:

04. 'Book of Numbers' is Written by:

05. Which section of IT Act deals with Acknowledgement of receipt?

06. The use of computer networks to gain illicit access to confidential information, typically that held by a government or other organization:

07. The city which is known as Cyberabad:

08. The Bootstrap loader resides in:

09. Founder of C++:

10. JVM refers to:

11. A sequence of logical steps used in computer to solve a problem:

12. Postscript language mainly used for:

13. First director of C-DAC:

14. Full form of ARP is:

15. W3C stands for:

16. Message posted in Twitter is called:

17. The term 'Blog' was first coined by:

18. First pollution free computerized petrol pump of India is in:

19. First dtate to launch a web based educational programme for all school students in collaboration with Google:

20. Digital India was launched on:

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