1. Which acid is described as HOOCCOOH?

2. Five kingdoms of classification was proposed by:

3. The acid reacts with metals to produce:

4. The atomic number of uranium:

5. Milk of magnesia known as:

6. Sexual cannibalism is a concept in which the female kills the male after mating and is normally found in:

7. Mesons are found in:

8. Which disease is prevented through BCG vaccine?

9. The term PVC used in the plastic industry stands for:

10. The major component used in the preparation of different types of glasses is:

11. Pavo cristatus is the zoological name of which bird.:

12. Accumulation of which chemical leads to kidney stones?

13. Which gas evolved from paddy fields and marshes?

14. Which gas constitutes the major portion of the atmosphere by volume?

15. The cyclotron is used to:

16. What is used to avoid melting of ice?

17. Why is phosphorus kept under water?

18. The acid generally stored in batteries is:

19. The lustre of metal is due to:

20. The popular drug "Acetylsalicylic Acid" is commonly known as:

21. Nail polish remover contains:

22. The micro-organism that causes Malaria:

23. Cinnabar is the ore of:

24. Cystitis is the infection of:

25. An enzyme found in the saliva is:

26. Cyanabacteria refer to:

27. The principle of Dynamo was discovered by:

28. The battery used in mobile phones:

29. The colour of star is an indication of its:

30. The hydraulic brakes used in automobiles is a direct application of:

31. Oil or soap film were in daylight appears coloured because of:

32. Einstein got the Nobel Prize for his theory of:

33. What protects the body against infectious disease and foreign invaders?

34. Deficiency of parathormone causes:

35. When Sulphur is heated with rubber, the process is known as:

36. The heart covered by a membrane called:

37. Name the microorganism that causes leprosy:

38. Which gas is used in ice plant?

39. Nuclear sizes are expressed in a unit named:

40. Which type of coal produces greatest energy?