Model Questions High Court Assistant Exam | Kerala PSC | 01

Model Questions High Court Assistant Exam

1. Japanese Parliament is known as?
[a] Knesset
[b] Majlis
[c] Duma
[d] Diet

2. Bhopal gas tragedy occurred on:
[a] December 1, 1984
[b] December 3, 1984
[c] December 4, 1984
[d] December 5, 1984

3. Mahasweta Devi's novel in which tribal leader Birsa Munda is the central character:
[a] Hajar Churashir Maa
[b] Aranyer Adhikar
[c] Murti
[d] Agnigarbha

4. Retirement age of the Supreme Court Judges?
[a] 60   [b] 62  [c] 65  [d] 70

5. In which name Karattu Govinda Menon became famous?
[a] Vagbhatananda
[b] Bhrammananda Sivayogi
[c] Ananda Theerthan
[d] Vedabandhu

6. Whose autobiography is 'On Balance'?
[a] Sujatha V. Manohar
[b] KK Usha
[c] Kiran Bedi
[d] Leila Seth

7. Name the first film that was fully made in India?
[a] Pudalik
[b] Raja Harish Chandra
[c] Alam Aaara
[d] Kisan Kanya

8. How many High Courts are there in India?
[a] 22  [b] 24  [c] 26  [d] 29

9. Who was the first director of Kerala Bhasha Institute?
[a] N.V. Krishna Warrier
[b] Sooranad Kunjan Pillai
[c] Vellayani Arjunan
[d] Prof. Samuel Mathai

10. Retirement age of High Court Judges?
[a] 60 [b] 61 [c] 62 [d] 65

11. Ranjan Gogoi is the ___th/st/nd Chief Justice of India?
[a] 40  [b] 41  [c] 42 [d] 46

12. Author of 'Jaathikummi'?
[a] Pandit KP Karupan
[b] Sahodaran Ayyappan
[c] TK Madhavan
[d] C Krishnan

13. High Court which has jurisdiction in the highest number of states:
[a] Madras
[b] Gauhati HC
[c] Delhi HC
[d] Kolkata HC

14. Communist leader who held the post of the Lok Sabha speaker:
[a] Indrajit Gupta
[b] Somnath Chatterjee
[c] AK Gopalan
[d] Bhupesh Gupta

15. Name the Kerala king who committed suicide as he could not pay the amount demanded by Hyder Ali?
[a] Velu Thampi
[b] Raja of Kochin
[c] Arackal Raja
[d] Zamorin of Kozhikode

16. Mayilamma was the leader of which agitation?
[a] Paliyam
[b] Muthanga
[c] Plachiada
[d] Silent Valley

17. Whose birthday is observed as 'Philosophers' Day in Kerala?
[a] Shankaracharya
[b] Thunchaththu Ezhuthachan
[c] Cherusseri
[d] Vagbhadanandan

18. What is the length of the Manjeswaram puzha, the shortest river in Kerala?
[a] 16 kms
[b] 17 kms
[c] 19 kms
[d] 22 kms

19. KG Balakrishnan is the ___ th Chief Justice of India?
[a] 37  [b] 38  [c] 39 [d] 40

20. Which Chief Justice of India became a State governor after his retirement?
[a] Fathima Bevi
[b] P Sadasivam
[c] HL Dattu
[d] Althamas Kabir

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