Model Questions High Court Assistant - 02

[Question (1-5) 122/2015 - Municipal Secretary Gr. III/Secretary Block Panchayat]
1. Which of the following is not a viral disease?
[a] Avion Flue
[b] Malaria
[c] Sars
[d] Dengue Fever

2. Who among the following in India was the first winner of Nobel prize in Physics?
[a] S Chandrasekharan
[b] CV Raman
[c] V Ramakrishnan
[d] Hargovind Khorana

3. The instrument used to measure the increase in growth of plant is:
[a] Durometer
[b] Auxanometer
[c] Photometer
[d] Cryometer

4. The founder of Wiki Leaks is :
[a] Bill Gates
[b] Gill Abramson
[c] Julian Assange
[d] Jacob J Lew

5. Which is the largest backwater in Kerala?
[a] Vembanad Kayal
[b] Ashtamudi Kayal
[c] Sasthamkotta Kayal
[d] Kayamkulam Kayal

[Question (6-10)  46/2014 - SC Development Officer (SR for SC/ST)]
6. Graphite is used in Nuclear reactors :
[a] as a lubricant
[b] as a fuel
[c] for lining inside of the reactor as an insulator
[d] for reducing the velocity of neutrons

7. The third highest peak in the world is:
[a] Mt K2
[b] Mt Kanchenjunga
[c] Mt Nandadevi
[d] Mt Nangaparbat

8. The most extensive of the soil groups found in Kerala:
[a] Alluvial soil
[b] Black soil
[c] Red soil
[d] Laterite Soil

9. The name 'Congress' was suggested to the organisation by:
[a] Gopalakrishna Gokhale
[b] Dadabai Navaroji
[c] Gandhiji
[d] AO Hume

10. Dowry Prohibition Act was passed in the year:
[a] 1961
[b] 1971
[c] 1951
[d] 1964

[Question (11-15) 57/2017 - Jr Employment Officer/Assistant Jailor Gr I]
11. The metal present in chlorophyll is :
[a] Iron
[b] Cobalt
[c] Magnesium
[d] Nickel

12. GST (Goods and Service Tax) is set to be introduced by the Union Govt. on :
[a] April 1, 2017
[b] May 1, 2017
[c] June 1, 2017
[d] July 1, 2017

13. World's First Bank to deploy a robot for customer service:
[a] HSBC
[b] Axis Bank
[c] HDFC

14. Name of the first solar ferry boat of India between Vaikom - Tavanakkadavu :
[a] Pinaka
[b] Aaditya
[c] Ushas
[d] Jalarani

15. The Comptroller and auditor general of India is appointed by:
[a] Speaker of Lok Sabha
[b] Governor
[c] Prime Minister
[d] President of India

[Question (16-20) 75/2016 - Women Sub Inspector of Police(Trainee)]
16. Gandhi wrote Hind Swaraj in Gujarati in :
[a] 1909
[b] 1919
[c] 1921
[d] 1931

17. Bhagat Singh was convicted to death in ___ case:
[a] Saunders Murder
[b] Meerut Conspiracy
[c] Lahore Conspiracy
[d] Central Legislative Assembly Bomb Throwing

18. Puralimala was situated in which Taluk?
[a] Tellicherry
[b] Thamarassery
[c] Meppadi
[d] Manathavady

19. Who wrote the song Koottiyoor Ulsavapattu?
[a] Chattambi Swamikal
[b] Chavara Kuriakose Elias
[c] Vakkom Maulavi
[d] Vagbhatananda

20. Article lays down that there shall be a Public Service Commission for the union and a Public Service Commission for each states :
[a] Article 280
[b] Article 324
[c] Article 315
[d] Article 356