Model Questions High Court Assistant Exam

1. What does the “Judicial Review” function of the Supreme Court mean?
Answer - Examine the constitutional validity of the laws

2. A writ of Mandamus can be issued by the Supreme Court to
Answer - An official to perform public duty

3. An appeal to the High Court lies in case the Session Court has awarded the punishment of
Answer - Four years or more

4. Under the Constitution, the power to issue a writ of Habeas Corpus is vested in
Answer - Both Supreme Court and High Courts

5. A writ issued by the Supreme Court compelling a quasi-Judicial/public authority to perform its mandatory duty is
Answer - Mandamus

6. How many types of writs can be issued by the Supreme Court?
Answer - Five

7. The Supreme Court of India enjoys
Answer - Original, appellate and advisory jurisdictions

8. The Judges of the High Court hold office
Answer - Till they have attained 62 years of age

9. Indian Penal Code came into operation in
Answer - 1862

10. In which case did the Supreme Court restore the primacy of the Fundamental Rights over the Directive Principles of State policy?
Answer - Minerva Mills Case

11. Which of the following is not the essential qualification for appointment as a Judge of the Supreme Court of India?
Answer - Should be at least 35 years of age

12. Judicial review in the Indian Constitution is based on:
Answer - Procedure established by Law

13. The Judges of the Supreme Court retire at the age of:
Answer - 65 years

14. The first Act permitting legal marriage with a person not belonging to one’s endogamous group is
Answer - Hindu Marriage Validity Act

15. The State which has a common High Court is
Answer - Maharashtra and Goa

16. The Supreme Court is empowered to settle election disputes of President and Vice- President. This is its
Answer - Original Jurisdiction

17. Which two States have a common High Court?
Answer - Haryana and Punjab

18. A writ issued by the High Court or the Supreme Court to protect the fundamental rights of the citizens is known as
Answer - Habeas Corpus

19. Of the following, who held the Offices of Judge of the Supreme Court and the Speaker of the Lok Sabha
Answer - K.S. Hegde

20. Implementing laws is the function of
Answer - Executive