Model Question Paper Company Corporation Board Assistant - 26

1. In the periodic table, the elements present in the groups from 3 to 12 are known as
[a] S-block
[b] P-block
[c] D-block
[d] F-block

2. The second most abundant element in the earth crust is
[a] Silicon
[b] Nitrogen
[c] Sodium
[d] Calcium

3. The element that shows maximum catenation is
[a] Silicon
[b] Carbon
[c] Lead
[d] Tin

4. The blood enters the aorta from
[a] left ventricle
[b] left auricle
[c] right ventricle
[d] right auricle

5. The normal cholesterol level in human blood is
[a] 80-120mg
[b] 120-140mg
[c] 180-200mg
[d] 220-240mg

6. Animal living at the bottom of sea as lake is called
[a] necton
[b] benthos
[c] plankton
[d] pelagic

7. Natural rubber is a polymer derived from
[a] Butadiene
[b] Ethylene
[c] Isoprene
[d] Propylene

8. National Chemical Laboratory is at
[a] Delhi
[b] Kalpakkam
[c] Kolkata
[d] Pune

9. Protein metabolism is carried out by
[a] Vitamin A
[b] Vitamin B
[c] Vitamin B12
[d] Vitamin D

10. Which one of the following is the mixed fertilizer?
[a] Urea
[b] CAM
[c] Ammonium Sulphate
[d] NPK

11. Information Technology Act in India was amended in:
[a] 2000
[b] 2004
[c] 2008
[d] 2010

12. Which of the following is not a wireless communication devices
[a] Bluetooth
[b] GPS
[c] Infrared Communication
[d] None of these

13. Computer to computer exchange of business documents is done through:
[a] EDI
[b] ERP
[c] CAM
[d] CAD

14. Who started free software foundation?
[a] Linus Torvald
[b] Richard Stallman
[c] Bill Gates
[d] GNU

15. Linux is a _____
[a] database program
[b] application program
[c] operating system
[d] None of above

16. Which of the following is not an e-governance project in India?
[d] CARD

17. The number of judges can be altered in the Supreme Court by
[a] Presidential order
[b] Parliament by law
[c] Supreme Court by notification
[d] Central Govt. by notification

18. Via which among the following amendments of the Constitution of India, Delhi was designated as National Capital Territory (NCT)
[a] 63rd Amendment Act
[b] 69th Amendment Act
[c] 74th Amendment Act
[d] 76th Amendment Act

19. Which of the following Writs literally means ‘we command’
[a] Habeas corpus
[b] Mandamus
[c] Quo warranto
[d] Certiorari

20. For which of the following bills, there is no constitutional provision for a joint sitting of both the houses of the parliament to resolve a dead lock?
[a] Ordinary bill
[b] Money bill
[c] Constitution amendment bill
[d] Both b & c

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