Model Question Paper Company Corporation Board Assistant - 25

Model Question Paper Company Corporation Board Assistant - 25

1. UTI (Unit Trust of India) Bank is the former name of
[a] Axis bank
[b] ICICI Bank
[c] SBI
[d] RBI

2. Indian currency note press located in:
[a] Kolkata
[b] Nasik
[c] Mumbai
[d] Hyderabad

3. The headquarters of coirfed
[a] Kollam
[b] Kannur
[c] Alappuzha
[d] Thiruvananthapuram

4. Under Akbar, the Mir Bakshi was required to look after
[a] Military affairs
[b] the state treasury
[c] the royal household
[d] the land revenue system

5. In which year was Pondicherry annexed to independent India?
[a] 1st November 1954
[b] 1st November 1956
[c] 3rd August 1948
[d] 15th August 1947

6. Who was the first woman Governor in independent India.
[a] Mrs. Padmaja Naidu
[b] Sucheta Kripalani
[c] Sushila Nayyar
[d] Sarojini Naidu

7. The system of competitive examination for civil service was accepted in principle in the year
[a] 1833
[b] 1853
[c] 1858
[d] 1882

8. India became a member of United Nations in:
[a] 1950
[b] 1951
[c] 1945
[d] 1947

9. The First person to become the president of INC thrice
[a] Dadabai Naoroji
[b] Gandhiji
[c] Subash Chandra Bose
[d] W.C.Banerjee

10. The percentage of irrigated land in India is about
[a] 45
[b] 65
[c] 35
[d] 25

11. The pass located at the southern end of the Nilgiri hills in South India is called
[a] The Palghat pass
[b] The Bhorghat pass
[c] The Talgat pass
[d] The Bolan pass

12. The Yarlung Zangbo river, in India, is known as
[a] Ganga
[b] Indus
[c] Brahmaputra
[d] Mahanadi

13. ‘Dandia’ is a popular dance of
[a] Punjab
[b] Gujarat
[c] Tamil Nadu
[d] Maharashtra

14. The words ‘Satyameva Jayate’ inscribed below the base plate of the emblem of India are taken from
[a] Rigveda
[b] Satpath Brahmana
[c] Mundak Upanishad
[d] Ramayana

15. The book of Parsis is
[a] Torah
[b] Bible
[c] Zend Avesta
[d] Gita

16. The fame of Sir Sayyid Ahmed Khan was due to the
[a] Formation of the Scientific Society
[b] Translation of Scientific works in Urdu
[c] The Aligarh Movement
[d] Support to the English Education.

17. Sathyartha Prakash was written by
[a] Debendranath Tagore
[b] Dayanand Saraswathi
[c] Sathyendranath Tagore
[d] Jyothirindranath

18. Gopal Krishna Gokhale’s name is associated with
[a] Hindu Mahasabha
[b] Brahmao Samaj
[c] Servants of India Society
[d] None of them

19. Who is called as father of Bhoodan Movement
[a] Gandhiji
[b] Jawaharlal Nehru
[c] Vinoba Bhave
[d] Bal Gangadhar Tilak

20. Madam Blavatsky belongs to
[a] Russia
[b] U.S.A
[c] India
[d] Asia

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