Model Question Paper Company Corporation Board Assistant - 33

Model Question Paper Company Corporation Board Assistant - 33

1. The door must have been opened ____ a key
[a] in
[b] by
[c] at
[d] with

2. The opposite of `Appoint` is
[a] Disappoint
[b] Refuse
[c] Decline
[d] Dismiss

3. _____ book you want is out of print
[a] The
[b] some
[c] A
[d] An

4. The feminine gender of `Lad`
[a] Lord
[b] Lady
[c] Lass
[d] Ewe

5. This is the boy _____ pocket was picked
[a] who
[b] whom
[c] whose
[d] which

6. Continuing fighting between parties, families clans etc
[a] Enmity
[b] Feud
[c] Quarrel
[d] Skirmish

7. The fruits were ripe,_____?
[a] isn`t it
[b] wasn`t it
[c] are they
[d] were they

8. Pick up the correct form
[a] Begar
[b] Begger
[c] Beggar
[d] Beger

9. If I had gone for the interview _____
[a] I would get the job
[b] I would have got the job
[c] I will get the job
[d] I will have get the job

10. The strike was _____ after the Minister`s assurance
[a] called up
[b] called off
[c] called for
[d] called upon

11. Find the error part
[a] The clerk was
[b] not intimidated by
[c] his boss`s bullying
[d] No error

12. Choose the word opposite in meaning to the given word? EMACIATED
[a] healthy
[b] luxurious
[c] intelligent
[d] Sympathetic

13. I _____ in western music
[a] am interested
[b] am intresting
[c] was interesting
[d] had intrested

14. Iron is more usefull then gold - Change the degree
[a] Iron is as useful as gold
[b] Gold is as useful as iron
[c] Gold is more useful as iron
[d] gold is not so useful as iron

15. I _____ this novel by the time you come back?
[a] shall write
[b] should write
[c] shall have written
[d] shall has written

16. Barking dogs seldom bite, _____?
[a] don`t they?
[b] don`t it?
[c] do they?
[d] none

17. one who compiles dictionaries is called a?
[a] Dictator
[b] Callographer
[c] Linguist
[d] Lexicographer

18. They want to _____ a baby
[a] adopt
[b] adept
[c] adobe
[d] adapt

19. The phrase `called on` means
[a] invited
[b] visited
[c] telephoned
[d] greeted

20. What is the collective noun for a group of whales?
[a] pack
[b] heard
[c] fleet
[d] school

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