Kerala PSC Secretariat Assistant Model Questions - 37

Kerala PSC Secretariat Assistant Model Questions - 37

Kerala PSC Secretariat Assistant Model Questions - 37

Kerala PSC announced Official Secretariat Assistant Exam 2018, which is going to be conducted on 13 Oct 2018. Syllabus for Kerala PSC Secretariat Assistant Exam 2018 is mostly same as the Company Board Assistant Exam syllabus.

Kerala PSC Secretariat Assistant Model Questions are given in the links below. Secretariat Assistant 2018 Model Question will help you to prepare for the Exam. These question are prepared from Previous Kerala PSC Secretariat Assistant Question papers.

1. The type of printer that helps to take carbon copies is:
[a] Dot Matrix
[b] Inkjet
[c] Laser
[d] None of these

2. The smaller version of an image is called:
[a] thumbnail
[b] clipart
[c] graphics
[d] bitmap

3. The source code created by the programmer:
[a] file
[b] program
[c] system file
[d] pseudocode

4. CD ROM was developed by:
[a] Epson
[b] Philips
[c] Sony
[d] Philips and Sony

5. A free software has _____ types of freedom
[a] 1
[b] 2
[c] 3
[d] 4

6. Computer memory is designed to hold
[a] Digital data
[b] Binary data
[c] Alpha numeric data
[d] Physical data

7. ______ is a collection of record
[a] Directory
[b] File
[c] Database
[d] Folder

8. The first operation performed by the computer when it is turned on:
[a] POST
[b] BIOS
[c] BOOT
[d] LOAD

9. The unique data item in a record which is used to identify the record is:
[a] Field
[b] Entity
[c] Tuple
[d] Key

10. Founder of open source foundation
[a] Bill Gates
[b] Richard Stallman
[c] Narayana Moorthy
[d] Charls Babbage

11. Which is not an anti-virus?
[a] K7
[b] Kasper sky
[c] Malware
[d] Norton

12. EEPROM can be erased by exposing to:-
[a] Sunlight
[b] Magnetic Field
[c] UV light
[d] Electric Charge

13. The small high speed memory used for storing temporary results
[a] SRAM
[b] DRAM
[c] Registers
[d] All of the above

14. Which of the following is an impact printer?
[a] Inkject Printer
[b] Dot Matrix Printer
[c] Laser Printer
[d] Thermal Printer

15. Linux is a ________
[a] An operating system
[b] A free software
[c] A system software
[d] All of these

16. Which of the following is a gaming device
[a] Mouse
[b] Joystick
[c] Webcam
[d] Track ball

17. POST means:
[a] Power on system test
[b] Power on self test
[c] Power out system test
[d] Power out self test

18. Which is the term not related with Database?
[a] TTL
[b] SQL
[c] DML
[d] DDL

19. Cache memory is used to:
[a] Increase capacity of memory
[b] Store permanent data
[c] Store permanent code
[d] Increase processing speed

20. A nibble is a group of:
[a] 2 bits
[b] 4 bits
[c] 8 bits
[d] 16 bits

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