Kerala PSC Secretariat Assistant Model Questions - 33

Kerala PSC Secretariat Assistant Model Questions - 33

Kerala PSC Secretariat Assistant Expected Questions - 33

Kerala PSC announced Official Secretariat Assistant Exam 2018, which is going to be conducted on 13 Oct 2018. Syllabus for Kerala PSC Secretariat Assistant Exam 2018 is mostly same as the Company Board Assistant Exam syllabus.

Kerala PSC Secretariat Assistant Model Questions are given in the links below. Secretariat Assistant 2018 Model Question will help you to prepare for the Exam. These question are prepared from Previous Kerala PSC Secretariat Assistant Question papers.

1. Which river was considered as sacred by the Vedic Aryans?
[a] Sindhu
[b] Ganga
[c] Saraswathi
[d] Brahmaputra

2. The southernmost point of peninsular India, that is Kanyakumari is?
[a] North of Tropic of Cancer
[b] South of the Equator
[c] South of the Capricon
[d] North of the Equator

3. The Pass located at the Southern end of the Nilgiri Hills in South India is called
[a] The Palaghat gap
[b] The Bhorghat pass
[c] Te Talyat pass
[d] The Bolan pass

4. The Salal Project is on the river
[a] Chenab
[b] Jhelum
[c] Ravi
[d] Sutlej

5. The Radcliffe line is a boundary between
[a] India and Pakistan
[b] India and China
[c] India and Myanmar
[d] India and Afganisthan

6. The State having a largest area of Forest cover in India is?
[a] Arunachal Pradesh
[b] Haryana
[c] Madhya Pradesh
[d] Assam

7. The only private sector refinery set up by Reliance Petroleum Ltd is located at?
[a] Guwahati
[b] Jamnagar
[c] Mumbai
[d] Chennai

8. The only State in India that produces Saffron is
[a] Assam
[b] Himachal Pradesh
[c] Jammu and Kashmir
[d] Meghalaya

9. The Zonal soil type of penisular India belongs to ?
[a] Red Soil
[b] Alluvial Soil
[c] Black soil
[d] Mountain Soil

10. The number of Major languages , recognized in the Indian Union as official languages, are?
[a] 15
[b] 22
[c] 12
[d] 9

11. Which of the following Union Territories of India has the highest density of population per sq km?
[a] Pondicherry
[b] Lakshadweep
[c] Delhi
[d] Chandigarh

12. Which atomic power station in India is built completely Indigenoulsy?
[a] Kalpakkam
[b] Narora
[c] Rawat Bhata
[d] Tarapore

13. The south west monsoon contributes _____ of the total rain in India?
[a] 86%
[b] 50%
[c] 22%
[d] 100%

14. The oldest oil field in India is the _____ field in _____?
[a] Anleshwar, Gujarat
[b] Bombay High, Maharashtra
[c] Nowgam, Gujarat
[d] Digbri, Assam

15. Which of the following Crops need maximum water per hectare?
[a] Barley
[b] Maize
[c] Sugarcane
[d] Wheat

16. The watershed between India and Myanmar is formed by?
[a] The Naga hills
[b] The Garo hills
[c] Khasi hills
[d] The Jaintia Hills

17. India shares the largest land boundary with which country?
[a] China
[b] Pakistan
[c] Nepal
[d] Bangladesh

18. Smallest neighbouring Country of India?
[a] Nepal
[b] Bhutan
[c] Afganistan
[d] China

19. The only South Indian State with no coastal shores
[a] Andra Pradesh
[b] Tamil Nadu
[c] Kerala
[d] Telengana

20. Auto biography of Tenzing Norgay?
[a] Tiger of Snows
[b] The race of My Life
[c] From The Ocean to
[d] One man`s Everest

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