Kerala PSC Secretariat Assistant Expected Questions - 07

Kerala PSC Secretariat Assistant Expected Questions - 07

Kerala PSC Secretariat Assistant Expected Questions - 07

Kerala PSC announced Official Secretariat Assistant Exam 2018, which is going to be conducted on 13 Oct 2018. Syllabus for Kerala PSC Secretariat Assistant Exam 2018 is mostly same as the Company Board Assistant Exam syllabus.

Kerala PSC Secretariat Assistant Model Questions are given in the links below. Secretariat Assistant 2018 Model Question will help you to prepare for the Exam. These question are prepared from Previous Kerala PSC Secretariat Assistant Question papers.

1. Among the works of ‘Kumaran Asan’ which was published first?
[a] Veenapoov
[b] Leela
[c] Karuna
[d] None of these

2. The first Prime Minister of Travancore ?
[a] T.K. Narayana Pillai
[b] C.Kesavan
[c] T.M.Vargheese
[d] Pattom Thanupillai

3. Handloom industry is concentrated in the districts of
[a] Thiruvananthapuram and Kannur
[b] Ernakulam and Thrissur
[c] Thiruvananthapuram and Kollam
[d] Kannur and Palakkad

4. Hari Om Ashram Award is for:
[a] Literature
[b] Music and Arts
[c] Film
[d] Science and Technology

5. A protein solution on warming with concentrated nitric acid may turn yellow called
[a] Xanthoproteic test
[b] Biuret test
[c] Millions test
[d] Hopkins cole test

6. The scientist who formulated the “Germ theory of disease” is
[a] Louis Pasteur
[b] Lamarck
[c] Hugo devries
[d] Griger Mendel

7. Which is the Relay motor and Sensory signals to the Cerebral cortex?
[a] Pipuitary gland
[b] Thalamus
[c] Spinal cord
[d] Meninges

8. Ethanol mixed with Methanol as the poisonous substance is called
[a] Wash
[b] Rectified spirit
[c] Absolute alcohol
[d] Methylated spirit

9. In the armature and the field magnet of a generator; the stationary part is the:
[a] Rotor
[b] Stator
[c] Power
[d] Excitor

10. Which compound is called Carborundum
[a] Calcium Carbide
[b] Aluminium Carbide
[c] Born Carbide
[d] Silicon Carbide

11. X - rays are _____ waves
[a] longitudinal
[b] transverse
[c] electromagnetic
[d] elastic

12. The tank appears shallow than its actual depth, due to
[a] Reflection
[b] Refraction
[c] Diffraction
[d] Interference

13. The natural dye present in turmeric is known as
[a] Cinnamon
[b] Phenolphthalein
[c] Methyl Orange
[d] Curcumin

14. The second most abundant compound in sea water?
[a] Magnesium Oxide
[b] Sodium Chloride
[c] Magnesium Chloride
[d] Calcium Phosphate

15. The first mechanical calculating machine is _____
[a] Spacewar
[c] Pascaline

16. Which section of IT Act deals with punishment for sending offensive message through electronic means
[a] Section 66
[b] Section 66 A
[c] Section 62
[d] Section 44

17. What is the full form of ICANN?
[a] Internet Capacity for Area Network & Names
[b] Internet Corporation for Assigned Numbers & Names
[c] Internet Connection for Assigned Names & Numbers
[d] Internet Corporation for Assigned Names & Numbers

18. Award presented for excellence on the internet is
[a] Webby Award
[b] Turing Award
[c] Polar Award
[d] Grammy Award

19. First web browser developed in India is:
[a] Safari
[b] Epic
[c] Dolphin
[d] Akash

20. Moving process from main memory to disk is called?
[a] Scheduling
[b] Caching
[c] Swapping
[d] Spooling

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