Kerala PSC GK - Block Panchayath Secretary Solved Paper held on 25 Jun 2018

Kerala PSC GK - Block Panchayath Secretary Solved Paper  held on 25 Jun 2018

1. In the case of chemical change what is generally affected
[a] Neutron [b] Nucleus [c] Proton [d] Electron

2. Einstein’s formula of mass-energy relation is
[a] E=’Mc^(2)’ [b] E=’(Mc)^(2)’ [c] ’M^(2)’c [d] E=Mc

3. Which of the following allow the electric current to pass through it?
[a] Glass [b] Graphite [c] Rubber [d] Bakelite

4. Electric transformer is used to
[a] Filter current [b] Regulate current [c] Change voltage [d] Serve as fuse

5. Astronomical unit is related to
[a] The distance between sun and earth
[b] The distance between sun and moon
[c] The distance between moon and earth
[d] None of the above

6. Carbon,Diamond,Graphite are together called
[a] Allotropes [b] Isomers [c] Isomorphs [d] Isotopes

7. Of the following the best conductor of electricity is
[a] Aluminium [b] Silver [c] Copper [d] Gold

8. Which instrument is used to measure electric current?
[a] Rheostat [b] Electrometer [c] Voltmeter [d] Ammeter

9. Drinking soda is
[a] Alkaline [b] Acidic [c] Neutral [d] Oxidant

10. S.I.Unit of temperature is
[a] Joule [b] Celsius [c] Kelvin [d] Fahrenheit

11. If 15 apples and 20 oranges cost as much as 20 apples and 15 oranges,which of the following conclusions is correct.
[a] Orange and apples have identical prices
[b] Orange’s price is double that of apple
[c] Non conclusion can be drawn
[d] Apple is cheater than orange

12. Find out the missing number in the series
4,8,20(first row),9,3,13(Second row),6,6,?(Third row)
[a] 29 [b] 13 [c] 18 [d] 20

13. In a class,Ann’s rank is ‘15^(th)’from the top and ‘21^(th)’from the bottom.How many students are there in the class?
[a] 31 [b] 36 [c] 35 [d] None of these

14. If P is the husband of Q and R is the mother of S and Q.What is R to P?
[a] Mother [b] Sister [c] Aunt [d] Mother in law

15. If BOY is coded as ACNPXZ,what would be the code for LIFE?
[a] KMHJEGDF [b] LMGHEGDF [c] LMHJGEFD [d] None of these
16. A,B,C,D and E are 5 Boys,A is shorter than B,but longer than E.C is the longest and D is little shorter than B and a little longer than A which comes in the middle according to size.
[a] A [b] B [c] C [d] D

17. If the following members are written in the ascending order,then what will be the middle digit of the middle term?
[a] 8 [b] 1 [c] 3 [d] 9

18. In an examination 40% of the students fail in Math’s,30% in English and 15% in both.Find the pass percentage
[a] 50% [b] 65% [c] 30% [d] 45%

19. What angle will the two hands of a clock make at 6.20 am?
[a] 60 Degree [b] 70 Degree [c] 75 Degree [d] 45 Degree

20. Facing to South Juan turns in certain ways,which of the following turns will not lead him to the same side?
[a] left,left,right,left,left,right
[b] left,left,left,right,right,right
[c] left,right,left,right,left,right
[d] right,left,right,left,right,left

21. Add a suitable tag to the following sentence Let’s watch the movie.
[a] Can we? [b] Shall we? [c] May we? [d] Will we?

22. Identify the wrong world in the sentence,”She congratulated me for my success in the examination.”
[a] Congratulated [b] me [c] for [d] Success

23. Pick out the incorrect singular-plural group from among the following.
[a] Medium-media [b] Radius-radii [c] Basis-bases [d] Shelf-shelfs

24. What does”Hobson’s choice”mean
[a] No choice at all
[b] Too many choices
[c] The first choice
[d] None of the above

25.The news from the country _____ encouraging.
[a] are [b] been [c] is [d] has

26. Who is a person who helps another to do something wrong or against law?
[a] Notary [b] Proxy [c] Sorcerer [d] Accomplice

27. Identify the incorrect sentence
[a] The painting was hanged on the wall
[b] College begins at 10 0’ Clock
[c] My mother seldom goes to the theater
[d] I see a crow outside the window

28. Convert the sentence to its passive form :He follows me”.
[a] I follow him
[b] I were followed by him
[c] I were followed himv [d] I am followed by him

29. Which is the interrogative sentence,among the following?
[a] Why do you ask me to go there?
[b] The principal delivered a good speech
[c] Please open the door
[d] How fantastic the scene was !

30. Which is the antonym of “bold”?
[a] Narrow [b] Timid [c] Discrete [d] Humble

31. The Wayalar award winner of the year 2017
[a] M.K.Sanu [b] K.P.Ramanunni [c] K.R.Meera [d] T.D. Ramakrishnan

32. Who is the newly appointed Goodwill Ambassador of UNICEF?
[a] Muzoon Almellehan [b] Malala Yousufzai [c] Tawakkol Karman [d] Halima Yakoob

33. Who won the Nobel Prize for Economics of the year 2017?
[a] Kusuwo Eshiguro [b] Richard H Tailor [c] Jasilda Eden [d] Bari Barish

34. The India’s first solar-powered DEMU train launched at
[a] Agra cant
[b] Delhi railway station
[c] Safdarjung railway station
[d] Gorakhpur jn

35. Who is the author of the book’Matoshree’?
[a] Sumitra Mahajan [b] Shabna Asmi [c] Aparna Sen [d] Deepa Mehta

36. The name given to the programme launched by India to provide humanitarian assistance for Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh.
[a] Operation Blustar [b] Operation Insaniyat [c] Operation Rahat [d] Operation Sukoon

37. Who was crowned the Miss World of the year 2017?
[a] Andrea Meza [b] Stephanie Hill [c] Demi-Leigh Nel-peters [d] Manushi Chillar

38. Who has been appointed as the new Vice-Chairman of NITI Aayog?
[a] Reguram Rajan [b] Umesh Singal [c] Rajiv Kumar [d] Vijay Parasher

39. India and which country have recently signed pacts for technical cooperation in the field of Railways?
[a] Switzerland [b] Germany [c] Israel [d] Malaysia

40. Which State Government has launched an online Public Grievance Redressral system?
[a] Uttarpradesh [b] Goa [c] Kerala [d] Maharashtra

41. Which Article of the Constitution of India deals with the provisions as to State emergency?
[a] Article 356 [b] Article 352 [c] Article 354 [d] Article 360

42. The Directive Principles of State Policy is _____ in nature.
[a] Mandatory [b] Challengeable [c] Right [d] Directory

43. Part IV of the Indian Constitution deals with
[a] Union and its Territory
[b] Citizenship
[c] Directive Principles of State Policy
[d] Fundamental Rights

44. Article 19(1)(c)of the Indian Constitution deals with
[a] To freedom of speech and expression
[b] To assemble peaceably and without arms
[c] To form associations or unions
[d] To move freely throughout the territory of India

45. The term”Secular”was added to the preamble of Indian Constitution by the _____ Amendment.
[a] ’42^(nd)’amendment [b] ’43^(rd)’amendment [c] ’44^(th)’amendment [d] ’45^(th)’amendment

46. The power to amend the Indian Constitution rests with
[a] The Parliament [b] The President [c] The Prime Minister [d] Governor

47. On _____ the Constitution of India came into force.
[a] 22-06-1948 [b] 17-02-1956 [c] 25-06-1947 [d] 26-01-1950

48.The age of retirement of a Supreme Court judge is _____ years.
[a] 65 [b] 68 [c] 60 [d] 62

49. _____an order from a court to free a person who had been illegally detained by the police or any other person.
[a] Quo-Warranto [b] Prohibition [c] Mandamus [d] Habeas Corpus

50. Which trial court can award capital punishment?
[a] Munsiff court [b] Sessions court [c] Sub court [d] Magistrate Court

51. Which of the following Scheme is not included in ‘Nava kerala Mission’?
[a] Life [b] Ardram [c] Haritha Keralam [d] EMS Housing Scheme

52. The SC/STs prevention of Atrocities Act came into force in
[a] 1989 [b] 1980 [c] 1991 [d] 1984

53. The Kerala Institute for Research Training and Development Studies-SC/ST(KIRTADS)located at
[a] Thrissur [b] Kozhikkode [c] Kochi [d] Kollam

54. The first’Other Backward Class Commission’(OBC)appointed in India
[a] Mandal Commission
[b] Nettur Commission
[c] Kaka Kalelkar Commission
[d] Mukharjee Commission

55. Father of Kerala Renaissance
[a] Sankaracharya [b] Sree Narayana Guru [c] Ayyan Kali [d] Dr.Palpu

56. The first Asian country to start community development project.
[a] China [b] Pakistan [c] Bangladesh [d] India

57. Which state started firstly the Employment Gurantee Scheme(EGS)?
[a] Maharashtra [b] Kerala [c] Tamil Nadu [d] Rajastan

58. Which one of the following is related to poverty alieviation programme?
[a] S.S.A [b] Kudumbasree [c] Theerajyothi [d] Akshara-Keralam

59. Pre natal Diagnostic Techniques(Regulation of Prevention of Misuse)Act passed in
[a] 1961 [b] 1999 [c] 1994 [d] 2000

60. Who started the Women’s Indian Association in 1917?
[a] Sarojini Naidu [b] Saroj Nalini Dutt [c] Indira Gandhi [d] Annei Besant

61. Ram’s present age is one-fourth of his father’s present age.If the difference between their present ages is 18 years,then what is Ram’s present age?
[a] 10 years [b] 8 years [c] 6 years [d] 12 years

62. In an examination,a candidate scores 2 marks for every correct answer and losses 1 mark for every wrong answer.A candidate attempts all the 100 s and scores 56 marks.How many s did he answer correctly?
[a] 52 [b] 48 [c] 60 [d] 56

63. By selling an umbrella for Rs.300 a shopkeeper gains 20%.During a clearance sale,the shopkeeper allows a discount of 10% on the market price.Find his gain percent during the sale season.
[a] 4% [b] 8% [c] 20% [d] 6%

64. The simplification of ‘ ‘’(3.36xx52+3.36xx48)/((6.68)^(2)-(3.32)^(2))’yields the result.
[a] 8.5 [b] 7.2 [c] 12 [d] 10

65. If the diagonals of two squares are in the ratio 3:5,then their areas will be in the ratio. [a] Square root of 3:Square root of 5
[b] 9:25 [c] 3:5 [d] 9:5

66. In a bag,there are coins of 50 paise,25 paise and 1 Rupee in the ratio of 5:6:2.If there are in all Rs.48 in the bag.How many coins if Rs.50 paise do the bag have?
[a] 42 [b] 16 [c] 48 [d] 40

67. ’’’((64)^(n/3)^xx(8)^(-n/6))/((512)^(-n/2))’
[a] ’4^(3n)’ [b] ’3^(3n)’ [c] ’2^(3n)’ [d] ’4^(2n)’

68. A circular path runs around a circular fiel[d]The outer perimeter is 88 m and the inner perimeter is 22 m less than the outer perimeter.If so,the area of the path is(Use Pie=22/7)
[a] 250’m^(2)’ [b] 269.50’m^(2)’ [c] 360.50’m^(2)’ [d] 196’m^(2)’

69. Find the area of the largest circle that can be drawn in a square of area 196’cm^(2)’.(Use Pie=22/7)
[a] 144’cm^(2)’ [b] 254’cm^(2)’ [c] 154’cm^(2)’ [d] 184’cm^(2)’

70. The ‘14^(th)’term of the series 1,3,6,10,15,___ is
[a] 105 [b] 110 [c] 115 [d] 124

71. The Subsidiary Alliance system was introduced by
[a] Lord William Bentick [b] Lord Curzon [c] Lord Wellesley [d] Lord Canning

72. Who was the famous leader of the Chipko Movement?
[a] Sunderlal Bahuguna
[b] Vino Bhave
[c] Jayaprakash Narayan
[d] Charan Singh

73. The battle of Wandiwash was fought between
[a] The English and the Dutch
[b] The English and the French
[c] The English and the Marathas
[d] The English and the Protuguese

74. The National Anthem of India”jana gana mana ____“was first sung at.
[a] Delhi 1911 [b] Bombay 1911 [c] Calcutta 1911 [d] Calcutta 1912

75. The first meeting of Indian National Congress held at Bombay was presided by
[a] Badruddin Tyabji [b] Dadabhai Naoroji [c] A.O.Hume [d] W.C.Banerjee

76. Name of the Indian Prime Minister who was responsible for bank nationalization
[a] Jawaharlal Nehru [b] Morarji Desai [c] Indira Gandhi [d] Lal Bahadur Sastri

77. One of the following leaders was the founder of Swaraj Party
[a] C.R.Das [b] Subhash Chandra Bose [c] Jawaharlal Nehru [d] Vallabhai Patel

78. The Shimla Agreement between India and Pakistan signed in
[a] 1972 [b] 1970 [c] 1971 [d] 1962

79. In 1853 the first train in India ran between the following places
[a] Bombay and Delhi [b] Bombay and Pune [c] Bombay and Thane [d] Bombay and Goa

80. Name of the King who introduced silver coin called Rupiya
[a] Akbar [b] Babur [c] Humayun [d] Sher Shah

81. The year of Kundara proclamation
[a] 1809 [b] 1819 [c] 1808 [d] 1801

82. Keezhariyoor Bomb case in Kerala took place in connection with
[a] Non-cooperation movement
[b] Quit India Movementv [c] Malabar Rebellion
[d] Peasant Revolt

83. The founder of Sadhu Jana paripalana Samgham was
[a] Sree Narayana Guru [b] Sahodaran Ayyappan [c] Vagbhatananda Gurudevan [d] Ayyankali

84. Tarissappalli Copper Plate was issued in 849 CE by
[a] Sthanu Ravi
[b] Bhaskara Ravi Manukuladithian
[c] Ayyanadikal Thiruvadikal
[d] Rama Varma Kulasekhara

85. The second Ezhava Memorial was submitted before.
[a] Lord Curzon
[b] Maharaja Travancore
[c] Colonel Munroe
[d] Chief Minister EMS Namboothiripad

86. In the battle of Colachel in 1741 the army of Travancore defeated
[a] The English [b] The Dutch [c] The French [d] The Portuguese

87. ”The Muslim”was a publication owned by
[a] Vakkom Maoulavi [b] C.H.Mohammed Koya [c] Mohommed Abdur Rahiman [d] Maulana Azad

88. The first post office in Kerala was opened in 1851 at
[a] Thiruvanathapuram [b] Cochin [c] Kollam [d] Alappuzha

89. Kerala Kalamandalam was founded by
[a] Govt.of Kerala [b] Vallathol [c] Ullor [d] G.Sankara Kurup

90. Kaneerum Kinavum is the autobiography of
[a] P.Kunhiraman Nair [b] A.K.G [c] S.K.Pottekkat [d] V.T.Bhatathiripad

91. The set of programs used to control booting of a computer is stored in
[a] RAM [b] ROM [c] Hard disk [d] Mother board

92. 1 KB memory means
[a] 1028 bytes [b] 1028 bits [c] 1024 bits [d] 1024 byts

93. Which of the following is system software?
[a] Operating System [b] Compiler [c] Device drivers [d] All of the above

94. Which among the following is not a DBMS?
[a] MS access [b] FoxPro [c] Java [d] SQL Server

95. The user files in a computer can be permanently stored in
[a] ROM [b] RAM [c] Hard Disk [d] All of the above

96. A computer used in Internet is Identified using its.
[a] IP address [b] Virtual address [c] DNS [d] HTTP

97. A high level computer language
[a] Is used by IT professionals only
[b] Used by Government sector only
[c] Privately used by a group of administration
[d] Can be used by any computer user

98. Microsoft word is
[a] A free software
[b] A software used for creating letters and documents
[c] A software used for drawing
[d] Is not software

99. The component which supplies adequate power for motherboard of a computer is
[a] Switched mode power supply
[b] Direct power supply
[c] Regulated power supply
[d] CMOS power chip

100. The speed of a computer can be expressed in terms of Hertz because
[a]It is the microprocessor chip frequency
[b]It is the number of operations which can be simultaneously done by the microprocessor
[c]It is the internal bus speed of the CPU
[d]It is the frequency of the supplied clock pulse to microprocessor

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