Kerala PSC - Important and Expected General Science Questions - 50

Kerala PSC - Important and Expected General Science Questions - 50

  1. Which is the most commonly broken bone in the human body?

  2. If a person has lockjaw, what disease is he or she suffering from

  3. Name the pigment similar to hemoglobin which is present in muscle fibers?

  4. Fungi are plants that lack ____

  5. Which blood vessels have the smallest diameter?

  6. Which organ produces the fluid of bile?

  7. Which organ produces cholesterol?

  8. Who invented the Integrated Ciruti (IC)?

  9. The emission of light by a substance that has absorbed light or the electromagnetic radiation is known as ___

  10. Which metal is produced through the Hall-Heroult Process?

  11. What is the name of the polymers that can only be moulded into desired shape on heating once & cannot be reused? -

  12. What are the examples of Thermoplastics?

  13. Which type of tissues are found on the soft parts of a plant?

  14. Name the tissues in the plants which conducts water & mineral from roots to leaves?

  15. Which plant tissues conducts the prepared food material from the leaves to the organs?

  16. Which scientist was the first to coin the term 'Vaccine'?

  17. Who developed the oral polio vaccine?

  18. What are the examples for inactivated vaccines?

  19. What are the examples for attenuated vaccines?

  20. Which reaction test is done for primary amines?

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