Kerala PSC Geography Question and Answers - 30

  1. Which is the ony rock that floats in water

  2. Which rock is also known as the foam of the Sea

  3. What type of a rock is pumice

  4. The Igneous rocks formed at some depth in the Earth's crust is known as

  5. Which type of igneous rock is granite

  6. Which type of igneous rock is basalt

  7. Which type of rocks are also known as stratified rocks

  8. Which type of rocks often contain fossils of animals, plants and other micro organisms

  9. --- is an example for the mechanically formed sedimentary rock

  10. The peat, lignite and coal are generally known as --- rocks (type of sedimentary rocks)

  11. The limestone undergo metamorphic changes and forms

  12. Which type of mountains are fromed along convergent plate boundaries

  13. The fold mountains are created through a process called

  14. Which type of mountains are formed when the large areas are broken and displaced vertically

  15. At the time of the formation of the block mountains, the uplifted blocks are called

  16. In the formation of block mountains, the lowered blocks are called

  17. The Rhine Valley and the Vosges mountain in Europe are examples of

  18. Which type of valleys are formed along the fault lines of block mountains

  19. What is the name of the mountains formed due to volcanic activity

  20. Mount Kilimanjaro and Mount Fujiyama are examples of

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