Kerala PSC Geography Question and Answers - 31

  1. Which type of mountains are formed by  denudation

  2. Which type of a mountain is India's Aravalli

  3. Which are the examples of fold mountains

  4. Which type of mountains belong to the younger category

  5. Which type of mountains are composed of the sedimentary rocks

  6. Which type of mountains are called 'the mountains of elevation', since the rock strata have been elevated to great heights

  7. The Rockies are example for

  8. The Black forest and the Hunsruck Mountains are examples of

  9. What is the name of the elevated uplands with extensive level surfaces

  10. The Plateaus are sometimes referred to as

  11. What is the name of the plateau, formed by earth movements

  12. When plateau are enclosed by fold mountains, they are known as

  13. Which type of plateau are the highest and the most extensive plateau in the world

  14. The Tibetan Plateau is an example for

  15. When the molten lava solidify to form a plateau, it is known as

  16. The North-western part of the Deccan plateau is example for

  17. Situated in South America, which is the most remarkable plateau built by lava

  18. Which type of plateau is formed by the process of weathering and erosion by running water, ice and winds

  19. The Scottish Highlands are example for

  20. An area of lowland, either level or undulating and seldom rises more then a few hundred feet is known as

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