Kerala PSC History Question and Answers - 50

Kerala PSC History Question and Answers - 50

1. The parallel government in Balia during the Quit India Movement was led by

2. Where 'Rakt Vahini' was formed during Quit India Movement?

3. Who described Quit India Movement as 'Irresponsible and an act of madness'?

4. Which country banished the ship 'Komagata Maru' from its territorial waters in 1913?

5. After Vinoba Bhave and Jawaharlal Nehru who was selected as the third person for Individual Satyagraha?

6. Who founded 'Free Hindustan' in Vancouver, Canada?

7. 'Education is the manifestation of the perfection already in man'.

8. Who was the ruler of Kashmir at the time of Independence ?

9. Muslim Leage joined the Interim Government on

10. The Naval Mutiny of 1946 began on

11. The Naval Mutiny of 1946 began with the strike of the naval staff of the ship

12. Who is the author of 'Social Background of Indian Nationalism'?

13. Dayananda was born on February 12 in 1824, in the twon of Tankara, near Morvi (Morbi) in the Kathiawar region of the princely state of ___

14. The first woman President of the Indian National Congress

15. In 1878, the government reduced the maximum age limit for the open competition for the civil service examination from 21 to

16. Joseph Francois Dupleix was the commander of the ___ forces in India :

17. The Permanent Settlement was enforced in ____

18. The youngest to become the Congress President

19. A spinal injury while horseback riding left this person in lifelong pain for which he wore a metal corset under his clothes. He served as the Viceroy of India. Name this person

20. Congress ministers from how many provinces resigned following the instructions of High Command in 1939?

21. he was born with a withered arm and no left hand. he was appointed Viceroy of India in 1926. Name this perosn

22. In which session of the Indian National Congress was it proposed that the state shall own or control the key industries, mines an means of transprot?

23. Name the person who resigned his position as Viceroy of India in August 1905 because of a difference of opinion with Lord Kitchener, the British military Commander-in-Chief in India

24. The British Committee of Indian National Congress was formed in

25. Name the Viceroy who undertook the restoration of the Taj Mahal

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