Kerala PSC History Question and Answers - 48

Kerala PSC History Question and Answers - 48

1. In which state is the birth place of Jayaprakash Narayan?

2. Founder of Avadh state

3. The annexation of which state under Dalhousie's Doctrine of Lapse was not approved by the Court of Directors?

4. Under which Act, Court of Directors were appointed as a governing body to directly report to the crown?

5. The famous novelist who was one of the first two graduates of Calcutta University in 1858

6. The first secretary of Brahma Sabha

7. The total number of members in the interim cabinet assumed office on 2nd September 1946 :

8. Which act appointed 'Board of Control' for the supervision of the administration of India? - Pitt's India Act, 1784

9. Which act ended the monopoly of East India Company for trade in India?

10. Which court was considered as the highest court of appeal in India for trying criminals cases during the East India Company's rule?

11. Who was defeated by General Eyre Coot at Porto Novo in 1781?

12. Who was dismissed from the Hindu College, Calcutta in 1831 due to his revolutionary stand?

13. 'Namdari' was a reform movement of

14. After independence, in which type of states, former rulers were appointed as 'Rajapramukh' to head the administration?

15. After the Revolt of 1857, Begum of Avadh escaped to

16. During the British reign who appointed the Governors of the Presidencies of Madras, Bombay and Calcutta?

17. Mangal Pandey was hanged on :

18. The revolutionary movement associated with Vanchi Iyer

19. The significance of 16th October 1905 in the history of India is

20. Vishnu Shastri Chiplunkar was a nationalist writer in ___ during the struggle for freedom

21. Where All India Women's Federation established Lady Irwin College in 1926?

22. The first Governor General of Independent India

23. While staying at Rome, during a European visit, which Indian leader declined the invitation of Benitto Musssolini to meet him?

24. Who became the principal of National College in Kolkata founded during the Swadeshi Movement?

25. The Viceroy who introduced financial decentralization?

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