Kerala PSC - Important and Expected General Science Questions - 24

Kerala PSC - Important and Expected General Science Questions - 24

1. When the biological response of a drug is useful, it is called ____

2. Drugs which reduce pain without causing disturbance in nervous system is known as

3. What are the two types of analgesics?

4. Which are the most commonly used non-narcotic analgesics?

5. What is the chemical name of aspirin?

6. Due to which property of aspirin, it is used in prevention of heart attacks?

7. The overdose of aspirin is toxic to which organ?

8. Which analgesic was discovered in 1877?

9. Naproxen, ibuprofen & dichlorofenac sodium are some commonly used ____

10. Which type of analgesic is chiefly used for the relief of post operative pain, cardiac pain and pains of terminal cancer and in child brith?

11. Which are the examples of narcotic analgesics?

12. What is the common name of the drugs used for the treatment of stress and mild or severe mental diseases?

13. The sleeping pills are examples for ____

14. Which are the most commonly used antidepressant drugs?

15. Which are the commonly used mild tranquillisers for relieving tension?

16. Which drug is used for the control of depression & hypertension?

17. The derivatives of barbituric acid such as luminal & amytal are ____ agents

18. What is the name of the drugs generally administered in order to reduce or maintain reversible loss of consciousness to facilitate surgery?

19. Which are the most widely used volatile anaesthetics?

20. The volatile anaesthetics are usually combined with which chemical?

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