Kerala PSC Junior Clerk/Secretary Co-operative Societies Model Questions - 06

Kerala PSC - Junior Clerk/Secretary, Co-operative Societies - Model Question Paper 06

1. Rule 190 of KCS deals with - Leave Rules
2. Co-operative Tribunal is a person who has been holding the post of___ in the state - District Judge
3. An appeal before the tribunal is by section- Section 82
4. A bill enclosed or delivered to a person subject to the understanding that it will be paid only if certain conditions are fulfilled is called- Escrow
5. Decision of an arbitrator in writing is called- Award
6. A person against whom a decree has been obtained is called- Defaulter
7. Punishment that can be imposed by the president to a clerk- Denotion
8. The person authorised to enter into a contract on behalf of the society is- Secretary
9. Secretary of a Co-operative society is dismissed by- Managing Committee
10. Co-operative farming society is a ___ type of society- Agricultural Non Credit
11. Depreciation is charged on the basis of ___ concept- Matching Concept
12. Direct agricultural loans given by Govt. was- Taccavi loans
13. Bankers Institute of Rural development is situated at- Lucknow
14. Who established Kerala Dinesh Beedi Co-op society- G.K.Panicker
15. UNICOOP in Japan was established in- 1961
16. D.V.File is kept by- Valuation Officer
17. Debenture is a written___ of debt- Acknowledgement
18. The difference between sale and cost of sales is- Gross Profit
19. Chairman of CAPE- Chief Minister
20. Madhavadas Committee is associated with- Urban Banks
21. Budget presented after financial year- Supplementary Budget
22. Donations may be issued from ___ fund- Common Good Fund
23. The non-refunded assistance from govt. for societies- Grant
24. Written documentary evidence in original is known as___- Primary Voucher
25. Chairman of royal Commission on Agriculture- H.Calvert
26. The first Indian who represented India in the ICA was- Ramdas Pandalu
27. ___ is an index of past performance of a Co-op society- Reserve Fund
28. Interest on deposit is ___ income- Revenue Income
29. Depreciation in the value of intangible asset is- Amortization
30. Gilt edged securities refer to- Government Societies
31. The first consumer Co-operative society was established in India in the year- 1905
32. The year in which first Central Land Mortgage Bank constituted in Madras- 1929
33. First Milk Supply Union in Kerala- Calicut Milk Supply Union
34. The word 'debenture' is derived from the Latin word- debere
35. Expenditure to keep assets in good condition- Revenue
36. A project implemented by RBI in 1969- Lead Bank Scheme
37. Noting is not necessary on dishonour in the case of?- Promissory Note
38. Foreign exchange management act was passed in?- 2000
39. The difference between interest charged by the bank and paid by the bank is- Margin
40. Receipt and disbursement statement of Co-operative society is a classified summary of?- Cash Book
41. The commission paid to consignee to cover the loss due to debts- Delcredere
42. Dividend register is to be kept for- 7 years
43. Trustee of debenture- Registrar
44. Integrated co-operative development programme first introduced in India is- West Bengal,Nadiya District
45. 'People's Bank for Northern India written by- dupernix
46. Taccavi loans was a recommendation of- famine Commission 1890
47. SPCS was formed in the year- 1945
48. The only one primary Co-operative society now working with unlimited liability- Nattakom Co-op. Bank 86 Kottayam District
49. Farmers Service Society was organised as per the recommendation of- National Commission on Agriculture
50. The position statement is___- Balance sheet

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