Kerala PSC Junior Clerk/Secretary Co-operative Societies Model Questions - 05

Kerala PSC - Junior Clerk/Secretary, Co-operative Societies - Model Question Paper 05

1. Who was the minister of co-operation at the time of first deposit mobilisation campaign in Kerala? - Baby John
2. Central agency of wholesale societies of West Germany - EDIKA
3. Credit card system introduced by? - Kerala State Planning Commission
4. Royalty A/c is an ___ A/c - Real A/c
5. The committee which recommended bank computerisation - Ranga Rajan Committee
6. Name of Tamil Nadu hand-loom weavers co-op society - Co-opex
7. In ____ system secretary and cashier will be jointly responsible for the safe custody of valuables ?- Double lock system
8. Capital profits are used to create ? - Capital reserve
9. Cancellation of the share is called ? - Forfeiture
10. In case of retiring the bill, the holder usually allows a concession for early payment is called - Rebate
11. Which section of KCS Act deals with offence & penalties - Section 94
12. The process of cream separation from milk is introduced by - IC Nelson
13. ___ Banks are called Romance of Co-operation - Urban Banks
14. Investment in plant and machinery is a ___ expenditure. - Capital Expenditure
15. The previous name of NCUI - Indian Co-operative Union
16. Wages paid in connection with the installment of an asset is ___ - Capital Expenditure
17. An unrecorded asset that is realised at the time of dissolution of a firm is credited to - Realisation A/c
18. ___ is one time separation payment who terminating an employee - Severence Pay
19. ___ helps to gauge the financial stability of a society - Audit Classification
20. Debenture redemption fund is created from - Loan Recovery
21. Trade name of the product of RAIDCO - Family Curry Powder
22. An agreement enforceable by law is - Contract
23. The shares issued by companies by capitalisation profit is called - Bonus Shares
24. The period of limitation to an award is - 12 years
25. No gold banking is required under which system of note issues - Maximum fiduciary System
26. Section 23 of KCS Act deals with - Restriction on transfer of shares
27. Before issue of debentures for raising funds land development banks should obtain clearance from - NABARD
28. The Idea of co-operative commonwealth was conceived by - Dr. Dadgil
29. Share premium is shown on ___ - Liability side of the blank sheet
30. Chain banking is most popular in - USA
31. The payment of the bill is made after specified period which is known as ___ of the bill. - Term
32. Another name of primary deposit is ____ - Cash Deposit
33. Credit to nominal A/c means - Income
34. Miscellaneous journal means - Journal Proper
35. Bills, securities, loans, OD, etc come under ___ deposit - Secondary Deposit
36. Legal tender money refers to - Currency Notes
37. Land improvement loan act - 1884
38. Depreciation of Iron mine is due to - Depletion
39. The first step towards surcharge is - Inquiry
40. Active deposit is another name of ____ deposit - Secondary deposit
41. In primary credit societies audit fees is calculated on the basis of - Working Capital
42. First deposit mobilization campaign took place in - 1976
43. Any order referred under section 76 of KCS act is a - Award/decree
44. The 'village adoption' plan was introduced by ? - IFFCO
45. Stock in-trade is valued on the basis of - Realizable Value
46. In the case of negotiable instrument, a person who gets a better tittle is - Holder in due course
47. An officer appointed to conduct the election to the committee of a society - Returning Officer
48. Attachment before judgement as per sec 78 is known as - Conditional Attachment
49. Loans which are backed by material securities are known as - Secured Loans
50. The rule framed in Clayton's case have been incorporated in - The Indian Contract Act

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