Kerala PSC - Important and Repeated General Science Questions - 08

1. During the cell division chromosomes shown chromatids held together at a point called _____?

2. What is the name of the end portion of a chromosome?

3. The chromosomes having the shape of a lamp brush is called _______?

4. Who discovered the Lambrush chromosome in 1882?

5. What acts as the unit of inheritance in living organisms?

6. Mitosis & Meiosis are two types of _____?

7. The cell division which takes place within somatic cells (cells that make up body) is known as _____?

8. What is the name of cell division take place within gemete cells (sex cells)?

9. What are the two kinds of nucleic acids?

10. Who was the first to report about the nucleic acids in 1871?

11. How many types of DNA are present in biological kingdom?

12. The major type of DNA, which also found in humans is ______ type?

13. Which is the most recently found DNA type?

14. What is the fullform of DNA?

15. The RNA stands for _____?

16. What serves as cellular database in organisms by storing an immense amount of information about all proteins?

17. Which nucleic acids are usually occurs in side nucleus and some cell organelles?

18. Which nucleic acids are mostly found in the cytoplasm?

19. Which nucleic acids are double stranded?

20. Which nucleic acids are single stranded?

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