Kerala PSC History Question and Answers - 40

  Kerala PSC History Question and Answers - 40

1. Who was known as 'Indian Gladstone'?

2. The first political party of Muslims in the Indian History:

3. In January 1921, Who was appointed by the Governor of Bengal as minister of local self-government and health and thus he became the first Indian to hold that position

4. Name the social organisation founded by BR Ambedkar on 25 November 1926 with the objective of safeguarding the rights of all oppressed sections of Indian society:

5. Which city is known for the "Jhanda Satyagraha or Flag Satyagraha" and observance of the All India Flag Day on June 18, 1923?

6. Who conferred the title 'Bharati' to Subramanya Bharati'?

7. Who defended Bhagat Singh in the Lahore conspiracy case?

8. Who was arrested along with Lajpat Rai and deported to Mandalay in 1907?

9. 'Prabudha Bharat' was a paper published in English by:

10. The author of 'Broken Wings':

11. Brave heroine of Manipur during the civil disobedience movement:

12. In which year Numismatic Society of India was established at Allahabad?

13. Madras Mahajana Sabha was established in:

14. Who was the Governor General when Tipu Sultan was defeated and killed in the Fourth Mysore War?

15. Sir William Sleeman was associated with the operation against the:

16. The 'Voice of India' published extracts from Indian Press. It was started by:

17. The first Indian to be elected to the leadership of communist International was:

18. Alongwith whom Gandhiji led Khilafat movement?

19. The Governor General during the third Mysore War:

20. The Indian association was established in 1876 in:

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