Kerala PSC General Knowledge Question and Answers - 69

Kerala PSC General Knowledge Question and Answers - 69

1. Who discovered the Hepatitis B virus?

2. Which day is observed as the World Hepatitis Day?

3. Fully automatic, driverless, small pods travel independently suspended over an overhead network is known as

4. The snatch and the clean & jerk are the terms associated with which sports item?

5. Who was the first to conceive the idea of 'BRICS' organisation

6. Where was the first formal summit of the BRICS held in 2009

7. Who was instrumental in preparing a petition named 'Malayali Memorial'?

8. 'Unaruvin, Akhileshane smarippin' was the slogan of which publication?

9. Who wrote the song 'Jayayaya Komala Kerala Dharani'?

10. The slogan 'American Model Arabikkadalil' was associated with which agitation?

11. Who was the first Malayali to become the Secretary of the Indian National Congress?

12. Who is the author of 'Representative Indians' - which contains 36 biographies ?

13. Which Ministry was formed by merging the ministers of Urban Development & Housing & Urban Poverty Alleviation?

14. What ws the total number of ministers in the first central govt of independent India?

15. What is the importance of the CRISPR in biotechnology?

16. In which sports item is Harinder Pal Sandhu Famous?

17. Who is the oldest person to become the Champion in Wimbledon Tennis Tournament?

18. Which was the venue of the first All Kerala Political Conferenceheld in 1921?

19. Who was the founder of Sarada Book Depot?

20. Which organisation established community courts?

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