Kerala PSC General Knowledge Question and Answers - 61

1. The three East flowing Rivers in Kerala

2. The length of Kabani River

3.The length of Bhavani River

4. The length of Pambar River

5. The longest east flowing River in Kerala

6. The smallest east flowing River in Kerala

7. Kabani River orginates from which place

8. Bhavani River orginates from which place

9. Pambar River originates from which place

10. The only river from Kerala which flows to Karnataka

11. The another name of Kabani River is

12. The another name of Pambar River is

13. The place where Kabani River merges into Kaveri River

14. The major tributaries of Bhavani River

15. The major tributaries of Pambar River

16. Largest Earth Dam in India Banasura Sagar Dam(wayanad) situated in

17. Kuruva Island (Wayanad) is situated in

18. The River which flowing through Attapadi

19. The water fall situated in Pambar River

20. The River which flows through Chinnar wildlife Sanctuary

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