Kerala PSC General Knowledge Question and Answers - 67

 Kerala PSC General Knowledge Question and Answers - 67

1. The Central Broad of Direct TAxes (CBDT) was established in the year -

2. Which scheme is launched by the central govt. to contain the population decline of Parsis in India? -

3. What was the name given to the world's smallest satellites launched in Jun 2017?

4. Which chemical is used to instantly freeze food & drinks?

5. Which country is the world's top beef exporter?

6. Which port is situate in the southern tip of Sri Lanka?

7. Which country is behind the 'One Belt One Road' Initiative?

8. Which is India's first unmanned, remotely operated tank?

9. Which chemical compound is also known as 'Flammable Ice'?

10. By adhering to green building norms for its residential colonies, which has become the world's first completely green Metro system?

11. The International Tiger Day is observed on

12. Which country has the largest number of tigers in the world?

13. Which country's highest category of decoration is "The Order of the Rising Sun"?

14. Which scheme was launched with the purpose to houses to all poor by 2022?

15. Where is the headquarters International Telecommunication Union?

16. Which company bagged the Prime Minister's trophy for Best Performing Integrated Steel Plant in the Country for the year 2015-16?

17. Which Indian State's Major river is the Khawthlangtuipui (Karnaphuli)?

18. Which was the venue of the 12th G-20 Summit?

19. In which year was the ASEAN founded?

20. Which is the student-scientist connect programme launched by the Central Govt.?

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