Kerala PSC General Knowledge Question and Answers - 60

Kerala PSC General Knowledge Question and Answers - 60

1. Which award is instituted by Union Home Ministry for honouring persons who show courage in saving the life & property of members of another community or caste?

2. Name the rebellion occurred in Chhotanagpur during the period of 1820-1837?

3. What was the way of Satyagraha by the first individual Satyagraha Vinoba Bhave?

4. In which year Jahangir issued the Charter to East India Company for establishing the trade establishments in India?

5. Which important incident occurred in Indian history on 9th August 1925?

6. In which year the Constitution for India was drafted by the Nehru Committee?

7. Through which mission the British Government for the first time recognized ‘the Right of Dominion for India'?

8. Who was the Vice-President of the Interim Government formed in 1946?

9. Who is known as the Father of Renaissance of Western India'?

10. Who founded the Widow Marriage Association in 1861?

11. Who was the Political Guru of Gopal Krishna Gokhale & Bal Gangadhar Tilak?

12. Who is often called as 'the Hindu Luther of Northern India'?

13. Which river enters India through Shipki La from Tibet?

14. In which Union Territory is the Saddle Peak National Park situated?

15. Which is the only tributary of Ganga that rises in the plains?

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