Kerala PSC - The Vice President (Article 63)

Kerala PSC - The Vice President (Article 63)

  • The Vice President of India is the second highest ranking government official after the President.
  • Vice President is the ex-officio Chairman of the Rajya Sabha.
  • Article 63 of the Constitution of India provides for a Vice-President.
  • The Salary of Vice President Rs. 125000 per month

Election of Vice President (Article 66)

  • Vice President is elected by an electoral college of members of both the Houses (Rajya SAbha and Lok Sabha) of the parliament by single transferable vote by secret ballot of the Parliament.
  • Nomination of the candidate for election to the office of vice president must be subscribed by atleast 20 electors as proposers and 20 electors as seconders.
  • Every candidate has to make a security deposit of Rs. 15000 in the Reserve Bank of India.
  • All disputes arising in connection with the election of the Vice President are petitioned to the Supreme Court of India, which inquires into the matter. The decision of the Supreme Court is final.
  • The vice President shall act as the President during the latter's absence.
  • The term of Vice President is 5 years.
  • If the President resigns or dies in office the Vice President shall act as the President ofr a maximum period of 6 months and before the end of that period a new President will be elected.
  • Vice Presidents VV Giri and B.D. Jatti acted as President.

  • Citizen of India, more than 35 yrs of age. Possess the qualification of membership of Rajya Sabha. Not hold any office of profit under union, state or local authority.

  • Chairman of Rajya Sabha
  • Presides over the meeting of Rajya Sabha.
  • Maintains decorum and decency in Rajya Sabha.
  • Allots time to members to speak.
  • He is not a member of Rajya Sabha.
  • Makes use of casting vote (in case of tie)
  • Acts as President in case of vacancy in the presidential office for a maximum period of  6 months, during that time he does not do his functions as the chairperson of Rajya Sabha.
Removal of Vice President
  • He can be removed by a resolution of the Rajya Sabha passed by an absolute majority. (Majority of the total members of the House)
  • This resolution however must be agreed to by the Lok Sabha. Before moving such a resolution a 14 days advance notice has to be given.
  • The vice president may resign his office by writing under his hand addressed to the President.

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