Kerala PSC - The Prime Minister

Kerala PSC - The Prime Minister

  • The Prime Minister is the actual head of the Parliament.
  • Prime Minister is the Chief Advisor to the President of India, head of the council of ministers and the leader of the majority party in parliament.
  • The Prime Minister leads the executive branch of the Government of India.
  • He is the Chief Spokesman of the Union Government.
  • He is the Ex-officio Chairman of the Planning Commission (NITI Aayogi) National Development Council, National Integration Council and Inter State Council.
Power of Prime Minister 
In relation with the Parliament
  • He is usually the leader of the lower house.
  • He plays a significant role in shaping the foreign policy of the country.
  • He meets various people and listens to their problems
  • He is the leader of the party in power.
  • He is the political head of the Civil Services.
In relation to the  President
  • He is the channel of communication between the President and the Council of Ministers.
  • He advises the President with regard to the appointment of important officials like Attorney General, Chairman and members of UPSC, Election Commissioners, Chairman and members of Finance Commission etc.
In relation to the Council of Ministers
  • He recommends ministers to the President.
  • He allocates and reshuffles various portfolios among ministers.
  • He may ask a minister to resign or advice the President to dismiss a minister.
  • He presides over the meeting of the council of Ministers
  • He guides, directs and controls the Council of Ministers.
  • He may bring the collapse of the council of ministers by resigning.
  • He summons and decides the agenda of the cabinet meetings.

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