Kerala PSC - 50 General Knowledge questions and answers related to Famous Personalities

Kerala PSC - 50 General Knowledge questions and answers related to Famous Personalities

1. Who is the father of Geometry?

[a] Aristotle
[a] Euclid
[c] Pythagoras
[d] Kepler

2. What is common between Kutty, Shankar, Laxman and Sudhir Dar?

[a] Film Direction
[b] Drawing Cartoons
[c] Instrumental Music
[d] Classical Dance

3. Who was known as Iron man of India?

[a] Govind Ballabh Pant
[b] Jawaharlal Nehru
[c] Subhash Chandra Bose
[d] Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel

4. The Indian to beat the computers in mathematical wizardry is

[a] Ramanujam
[b] Rina Panigrahi
[c] Raja Ramanna
[d] Shakunthala Devi

5. Jude Felix is a famous Indian player in which of the fields?

[a] Volleyball
[b] Tennis
[c] Football
[d] Hockey

6. The first Indian to swim across English Channel was

[a] Arati Saha
[b] Mihir Sen
[c] P.K.Banerji
[d] V.Merchant

7. Who is known as Indian Bismarck?

[a] Patel
[b] Rajaji
[c] Nehru
[d] Kamraj

8. Samantha Fox is associated with

[a] Sports
[b] Journalism
[c] Politics
[d] Pop Music

9. Late Girilal Jain was a noted figure in which of the following fields?

[a] Social Service
[b] Politics
[c] Literature
[d] Journalism

10. Zubin Mehta is associated with

[a] Music
[b] Painting
[c] Literature
[d] Journalism

11. Who among the following is called ‘Father of German Unity’?

[a] George Bush
[b] Morarji Desai
[c] Helmut Kohl
[d] Mikhail Gorbachev

12. R.K. Laxman is a renowned?

[a] Writer
[b] Cartoonist
[c] Journalist
[d] Politics

13. Uday Sankar is a famous

[a] Dancer
[b] Producer
[c] Writer
[d] Painter

14. Who among the following persons is called Desert Fox?

[a] Bismarck
[b] Eisenhower
[c] Gen.Rommel
[d] Walter Scott

15. Who is called the Flying Sikh of India?

[a] Ajit Pal Singh
[b] Mohinder Singh
[c] Milkha Singh
[d] Joginder Singh

16. Who among the following was an eminent painter?

[a] Uday Shanker
[b] Sarada Ukil
[c] V. Shantaram
[d] Meherally

17. Professor Amartya Sen is famous in which of the fields?

[a] Biochemistry
[b] Electronics
[c] Economics
[d] Geology

18. Which of the following was Satyajit Ray associated with?

[a] Classical music
[b] Commercial art
[c] Film Direction
[d] Classical dance

19. Dr. Joon Lew of korea, the recipient of international Gandhi Award is known for his service in the?

[a] Eradication of leprosy
[b] Campaigning against AIDS
[c] Against Drugs
[d] Against child labour

20. Amjad Ali Khan is associated with which of the following musical instruments?

[a] Veena
[b] Sarod
[c] Violin
[d] Sitar

21. Vilayat Khan was associated with

[a] Flute
[b] Tabla
[c] Shehnai
[d] Sitar

22. Gangubai Hangal is the name associated with

[a] Music
[b] Literature
[c] Environment
[d] Journalism

23. With which of the following is Begum Akhtar associated?

[a] Painting
[b] Vocal Music
[c] Classical Dance
[d] Writing

24. Pandit Jasraj has established his reputation in which of the following fields?

[a] Music
[b] Sanskrit
[c] Literature
[d] Dharamshastra

25. Which of the following personalities is credited with starting Van Mahotsava in 2950?

[a] Jawaharlal Nehru
[b] KM Munshi
[c] Sardar Patel
[d] None of these

26. Norman Ernest Borlaug, who is regarded as the father of the Green Revolution in India is from which country?

[a] USA
[b] Mexico
[c] Australia
[d] New Zealand

26. Meghnad Saha is known for his contribution in which one of the following fields?

[a] Physics
[b] Medical Science
[c] Environmental Science
[d] History

27. Who among the following is considered as the inventor of the World Wide Web(WWW)?

[a] Edward Kasner
[b] Bill Gates
[c] Tim Berners-lee
[d] Vinod Dham

28. Who among the following is a Hindustani Classical Singer?

[a] Geeta Chandran
[b] Leela Samson
[c] Gangubai Hangal
[d] Swapnasundari

29. Guru Gopi Krishna was a maestro of which of the following dance form?

[a] Kuchipudi
[b] Kathak
[c] Manipuri
[d] Bahratanatyam

30. Ms. Bachendri Pal had undertaken a unique expedition for focusing attention on which of these?

[a] One Nation one Family
[b] The Girl Child
[c] National Integration
[d] Sprit of Adventure

31. Which of the following fields Nageshwara Rao is associated with?

[a] Sports
[b] Literature
[c] Motion Pictures
[d] Politics

32. Jamini Roy was a famous?

[a] Producer
[b] Painter
[c] Dancer
[d] Actor

33. In which field 'Aachan Maharaj' has distinguished himself?

[a] Painting
[b] Drama
[c] Dance
[d] Vocal Music

34. Hari Prasad Chaurasia is a renowned player of

[a] Sitar
[b] Tabla
[c] Flute
[d] Shehnai

35. Who among the following headed the committee on Computerisation in Indian Banks?

[a] C. Rangarajan
[b] R.N.Malhotra
[c] S.Venkitramanan
[d] M.Narasimhan

36. Shiv Kumar Sharma is a famous player of

[a] Tabla
[b] Sitar
[c] Flute
[d] Santoor

37. Mallika Sarabhai is associated with which of the following fields?

[a] Sports
[b] Classical dance
[c] Social service
[d] Classical Music

38. Bismillah Khan is associated with [a] Shehnai [b] Sarod [c] Flute [d] Tabla

39. Surojeet Chatterji is associated with

[a] Sitar
[b] Piano
[c] Santoor
[d] Flute

40. The first woman in space was

[a] Olga Korbut
[b] Sally Ride
[c] Tamara Press
[d] Valentina Tereshkova

41. The name of Pierre Cardin is associated with which of the following fields?

[a] Painting
[b] Films
[c] Pop Music
[d] Fashion Designing

42. Who is well known collector of artifacts and curios?

[a] Wadeyar
[b] Salar Jung
[c] Rabindranath Tagore
[d] Motilal Nehru

43. Who declared that his ultimate aim was to wipe 'every tear from every eye'?

[a] Rajendra Prasad
[b] Sardar Patel
[c] Jawaharlal Nehru
[d] Mahatma Gandhi

44. Ashok Pandit is known for his outstanding performance in which field?

[a] Wrestling
[b] Kabaddi
[c] Shooting
[d] Swimming

45. Who among the following is a social activist campaigning against child labour?

[a] Baba Amte
[b] Shabana Amzi
[c] Mira Nair
[d] Swami Agnivesh

46. Who fits with this description 'Indian Cotton merchant, Banker, Congressman, a close associate of Mahatma Gandhi'?

[a] M. R. Jayakar
[b] V. S. Sastri
[c] G. D. Birla
[d] Jamanlal Bajaj

47. Sanjay Dutt, a noted film actor was held under

[a] TADA
[b] Narcotics Act
[c] Act 302
[d] Anti - Defection Act

48. Dr. V. Kurien is famous in the field of ?

[a] Atomic Power
[b] poultry farms
[c] Dairy development
[d] Economic Reforms

49. Limba Ram is associated in which fields?

[a] Sports
[b] Politics
[c] Social Service
[d] Motion Picture

50. Who is the creator of the Rock Garden in Chandigarh?

[a] Pupal Jayakar
[b] Le Corbousier
[c] Glen
[d] Nek Chand

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