Famous Personalities - Mohammed Ali Jinnah (1875-1948)

Famous Personalities - Mohammed Ali Jinnah (1875-1948)

1. Founder of Pakistan and a zealous advocate of the two-nation theory which ultimately led to the partition of the country.
2. In his early life Jinnah was non-communal in his outlook, and opposed separate electorates for the Muslims.
3. At first he was closely associated with the Congress and the Home Rule League. He tendered resignation from the Imperial Legislative Council in 1920 as a protest against the Rowlatt Act.
4. He opposed to Gandhi's non-cooperation movement.
5. In 1929, he formulated 14 demands for the Muslims.
6. At the Round Table Conferences, he made a serous bid to resolve the communal tangle.
7. In 1934-1935 he became undisputed leader of the Muslim league.
8. Thereafter, he started working vehemently for the creation of separate state of Pakistan.
9. After the creation of Pakistan, he became the first Governor-General of the new state.

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