Famous Personalities - Dadabhai Naroji (1825-1917)

Famous Personalities - Dadabhai Naroji (1825-1917)

1. A Parsi educationalist and businessman born at Bombay who spent most of his time in London where he founded the East India Association.
2. He was one of the founder member of the Indian National Congress and served as its president thrice.
3. He wrote extensively in different journals and focused attention on the drain of Indian wealth.
4. His book Poverty and unBritish Rule in India is an outstanding work.
5. He was the first Indian to be elected as member of the House of Commons (the popular House of the British Parliament).
6. He laid emphasis on social reforms, specially women education and primary education for the masses.
7. Out of reverence, he was also described as 'Grand old man of India'.

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