Kerala PSC - Marthanda Varma (1729-1758)

  • Venad at the time of Marthanda Varma's accession to Trippappur Swaroopam presented a picture of disorder and confusion.

  • He followed a policy of  'blood and iron', the basic aim of which was to crush the feudal elements and make royal authority supreme in the kingdom.

  • Marthanda Varma gave his first attention to the task of re-organisation of the administrative system. The finances of the state were improved and every care was taken to ensure economy in public expenditure. Special attention was bestowed on the reorganisation of the military forces. He then proceeded to stamp out the forces of rebellion and anarchy.

  • In the Battle of Colachel on 10th August 1741 Marthanda Varma defeated the Dutch forces and captured the Dutch captain D'Lannoy who was later made the 'Valia Kappithan' of Marthanda Varma's army.

  • Annexation of Kayamkulam was in 1746.

  • One of the most important acts of Marthanda Varma was the dedication 'Trippadidanam' of the newly expanded kingdom of Travancore to his deity Shri Padmanabha of Trivandrum on January 3, 1750. Thereafter the king and his successors became the servants of Shri Padmanabha (Padmanabhadasas) and ruled the kingdom in his name.

  • In 1749-1750 both Tekkumkur and Vadakkumkur were also annexed to his kingdom.

  • Ramayyan was the Dalawa of Marthanda Varma.

  • Marthandavarma is rightly regarded as the 'Maker of Modern Travancore'.

  • Poets Kunjan Nambiar and Ramapurathu Warrier adorned the court of Marthanda Varma.

  • Marthanda Varma constructed Krishnapuram palace.

  • Pativukanakku (annual budget) was introduced by him.

  • Ottakkalmandapam in Padmanabha Swami temple was erected by him.

  • The Bhadradeepam and Murajapam were introduced in the temple.

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