Kerala PSC - Districts of Kerala - Kozhikode

Kerala PSC - Districts of Kerala - Kozhikode

Year of formation : 1957, January 1
Main River : Chaliyar

  • Kozhikode was the seat of the Zamorins of Calicut (Nediyiruppu Swaroopam).
  • Kozhikode leads in the production of coconut.
  • Vaikom Muhammad Basheer is known as Beypore Sultan.
  • Kappad where Vasco da gama landed in 1498, Kallai, the centre of wood industry, Mavoor Rayons, hydro-electric projects like Kuttiyadi and Kakkayam are in Kozhikode district.
  • The oldest city in Kerala is Kozhikkode.
  • The northern most corporation in Kerala Kozhikode.
  • Farok is famous for tile industries.
  • Thusharagiri water falls and Wayanad pass are in Kozhikode
  • Kozhikode is the first cola free district in Kerala.
  • The first Khadi village in Kerala is Balussery.
  • The first ISO certified police station in Kerala - Kozhikode Town Police Station.
  • The first women police station in India - Kozhikode
  • The first WiFi University is Calicut University.
  • The first water museum in Kerala is set up in Kozhikode
  • First plastic waste free district in India Kozhikode.
  • The first sports Medicine Institute in Kerala - Kozhikode
  • Kuttyadi is the first Hydro Electric Project in Malabar region.
  • Famous annual assembly of scholars named "Ravathi Pattathanam" was held in Tali Mahadeva Temple.
  • India's - warship Building Research Centre - NIRDESH is in Chaliyam.
  • Kozhikode is the first tobacco free city in Kerala
  • The Malabar wild life sanctuary is in Kozhikode.
  • Wayanad Churam is situated in Kozhikode
  • Bepur is known as Sultan city
  • Wayanad churam is completely in Kozhikode district.
  • Nallalam diesel power project is in Kozhikode district.
  • Marad, Kappad and Beypore are the beaches in Kozhikode district.
  • Pazhassi Raja museum is at East hill in Kozhikode.
  • Birth place of Thacholi Othenan, Thacholi Manikothu Tharavadu is in Vadakara.

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