Kerala PSC - Districts of Kerala - Kottayam

Kerala PSC - Districts of Kerala - Kottayam

Year of formation : 1949 July 1
Main rivers : Meenachil, Manimala

  • Kottayam district is known as 'Land of Letters and Latex'.
  • The leading producer of rubber in Kerala is Kottayam district.
  • Kottayam is the only district that does not share border with a neighboring state.
  • First Chumar Chitra Nagaram in Kerala
  • Kottayam is the first Tobacco free district in India.
  • First rubberised road in Kerala Kottayam Kumali.
  • CMS Press is the first press in Kerala.
  • Bharananganam church is in Kottayam.
  • Hindustan Papers at Velloor, Travancore Cements at Nattakam and Kerala Rubber Board are in Kottayam district.
  • Uzhavoor is the birth place of former President of India Late K.R. Narayanan.
  • Kumarakam in Kottayam district is a major tourist centre and a bird sanctuary.
  • Shores of Meenachal river is the background for Arundhati Roy's Booker Prize winning novel "God of Small Things".
  • The oldest newspaper in Kerala still continues publishing is Deepika, started in 1887 from Mannanam, in Kottayam district.

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