Kerala PSC History Question and Answers - 19

1. Who started Mitra Mela?

2. Name the mother of Indian revolution.

3. The Hindustan Republican Association was founded in:

4. Name the headquarter of the Home Rule League of Mrs. Annie Besant.

5. Who said that 'the Rowlatt Act is a preventive murder?

6. Name the author of 'Rangbhumi’.

7. Subhash Chandra Bose resigned the president ship of the INC in:

8. Name the founder of Madras Lawyers Association.

9. Who was the first president of the Swaraj Party?

10. The first Round Table conference was held in:

11. Name the author of the 'Indian Struggle'.

12. The provisional government of Azad Hind was founded by:

13. Name the first Indian to join the Viceroy's Executive council.

14. Who is called as Father of Communal electorate?

15. The Act which introduced Dyarchy in provinces.

16. The August offer was made in:

17. Which is known as Dicky Bird Plan?

18. The Thebhoga movement was held in:

19. Name the founder of Hindustan Sanghathan Movement.

20. Name the founder of the paper 'Som Prakash'.

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