1. Name the author of 'New Lamps for Old':

2. Who described the I.N.0 as 'Congress of flatters'?

3. The surat split of the I.N.0 was in:

4. Who published the Journal 'Indian Sociologist'?

5. The official secrets act was passed in:

6. Who called Gokhale as dimond of India?

7. Name the leader of the women section of the I.N.A:

8. The Swaraj Party was founded in:

9. Gandhiji started the Dandi march on:

10. Name the Rani of the Nagas:

11. The mediator of the Gandhi-Irvin pact:

12. The white paper was published in:

13. Who called the Cripps mission as 'dead as a doornail'?

14. The political Guru of Gandhiji:

15. Sarojini Naidu was born in:

16. Malabar rebellion was held in:

17. Who known as 'Andhra Kesari'?

18. Who composed the song 'Amar Sonar Bengla'?

19. Khan Abdul Gaffer Khan got Bharat Ratna in:

20. The Grand old man of South India:

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