Kerala PSC History Question and Answers - 8

1. Which were the major social reformist movements in India?

2. Which are the examples of important Revivalist Movements?

3. In which year the British Government declared the practice of Sati illegal & punishable as cul-pable homicide?

4. In which year was the Abolition of Sati extended to Madras & Bombay Presidencies?

5. What was the importance of the Bengal Regulations of 1795 & 1804?

6. Which social reformer made the efforts for the Hindu Widows' Remarriage Act of 1856?

7. Name the social reformer of Western India, who himself married a widow in 1893 & dedicated his life to the upliftment of Hindu Widows?

8. Who opened a widows' home in Poona?

9. In which year was the Native Marriage Act passed, which banned the child marriage?

10. Name the Parsi reformer whose efforts lead to the enactment of the Age of Consent Act in 1891?

11. Which Act of the British forbade the marriage of girls below the age of 12?

12. Which Act of 1930 pushed up the marriage age to 18 & 14 for boys & girls respectively?

13. The Child Marriage Restraint Act, which raised the age of marriage for girls to 18 years & boys to 21 was passed in the year:

14. Which social reformer is considered as 'the Pioneer of Women's Education in India'?

15. What is known as 'the Magnacarta of English Education in India'?

16. Who started the Indian Women's University at Bombay in 1916?

17. In which year was the All India Women's Conference established?

18. In which year was the Dowry Prohibition Act passed?

19. Who founded the All India Harijan Sangh in 1932?

20. Who organised the All India Scheduled Castes Federation?

21. Who is known as 'the Father of Indian Renaissance'?

22. Which was the first reform movement of India of the modern type?

23. Who wrote 'The Gift to Monotheists' in 1809?

23. Who set up Atmiya Sabha in Calcutta in 1814 to campaign against idolatry, caste rigidities & social ills ?

24. 'The Precepts of Jesus' was the work of:

25. Who founded the Brahmo Sabha (later Brahmo Samaj) in 1828 ?

26. " In which year Raja Ram Mohan Roy started his anti-Sati struggle?

27. Which social reform organisation was committed to 'the Worship & adoration of the Eternal, Unsearchable, Immutable Being who is the author & Preserver of the Universe' ?

28. Raja Ram Mohan Roy died in the year:

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