Kerala PSC History Question and Answers - 23

1. Whose period is known as the gold-en age of Mughal architecture'?

2. Who was the last ruler of the Mughal Dynasty?

3. Which was the official and court language of the Mughals?

4. Where was Akbar born in 1540?

5. Who is popularly known as the Napolean of medieval India'?

6. Babur is considered a national hero in which country?

7. Akbar was 13 years old when he ascended the Mughal throne in:

8. Who was the mother of Akbar?

9. Akbar organised his army by means of a system called?

10. Who was the founder of Fatehpur Silai?

11. Name the author of the book '1857'?

12. Which was the head quarters of the Ramakrishna Mission?

13. The Servants of India Society was founded in:

14. Who is known as 'Lokhit wadi'?

15.' Name the first Vice Chancellor of the Ist women's university of India:

16. Name the founder of the Scheduled Caste federation:

17. The Official journal of the Young Bengal movement:

18. The founder of the Deccan Eduction Society:

19. The Khudai Khid Matger Movement was founded in:

20. Who is called as the Dayananda of South Indian?

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