Kerala PSC History Question and Answers - 25

Kerala PSC History Question and Answers - 25

1. Who was the court poet of Alauddhin Khilji?

2. Who was called as 'the Parrot of India'?

3. Jauna Khan was the real name of?

4. Who is considered as the father of Urdu language and the inventor of Sitar?

5. Who was the founder of Tughlaq Dynasty?

6. Which Sultan of Delhi made first time market regulations?

7. Who called Muhammed Bin Tughlaq 'an illstarted idealist'?

8. Who was the first to introduce the token currency system in 1330?

9. Who was the first Sultan of Delhi to impose Jaziya?

10. Who founded the Sayyid Dynasty in 1414?

11. Shah Alam I was the last Sultan of hasty?

12. Which Sultan Dynasty ruled for the maximum duration?

13. Which Sultan Dynasty had the shortest period of reign?

14. Bahlol Lodhi founded the Lodhi Dynasty in?

15. Which was the first Afghan (Pathan) Dynasty of India?

16. Who shifted the capital of the Sultanate to Agra from Delhi?

17. Who was the maker of the city Agra?

18. What was the official language of the Delhi Sultanate?

19. Who was the last ruler of the Delhi Sultanate?

20. Harihara & Bukka were the founders of?

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