Kerala PSC History Question and Answers - 6

Kerala PSC History Question and Answers - 6

1.The Indian Independence Act was passed in the British parliament on :

2.Who was the first to call the Revolt of 1857 as sepoy mutiny ?

3.Name the Urdu-Persian poet who was an eye witness of the revolt of 1857 at Delhi ?

4.Name the English officer who suppressed the Revolt of 1857 at Kanpur ?

5.The post of Secretary of state for India was created by :

6.Name the first Indian who wrote on the Revolt of 1857 ?

7.Bankim Chandra Chatterji’s ‘Anand Mutt’ was published in :

8.Name the organization founded by M.Viraraghavachari, Ananda Charley and Subramanya Aiyyer in 1884 ?

9. Who founded the Indian League in 1875 ?

10.What was the nature of the Pabna Revolt ?

11.Who founded the Home Rule League at Pune in April 1916 ?

12.Who called the Karachi Resolution of 1931 as ‘A Government on Russian model’ ?

13. Who invented Gandhiji to visit Champaran in 1917 ?

14. Who was the president of the Gujarat Sabha in 1918 ?

15. Jallianwalabagh is in the state of :

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