Kerala PSC : Expected Question for University Assistant Exam - 53

1. Who won the 2016 Sultan Azlam Shah Cup hockey title

2. The Oldest Dravidian language

3. Hridaynath Mangeshkar Award 2016 win by

4. The world Earth hour was observed on

5. National library situated in

6. The number of languages in the 8th Schedule

7. Who won the 2016 US Master Golf title

8. Shevaroy Hills situated in which state

9.The government of Haryana has renamed Gurgaon as

10. Who won the 2016 Abel prize

11. Which movie was declared the best film in the 10th Asian Film Awards

12. Wandering in Many Worlds -book written by

13. Formula One Australian Grand Prix 2016 won by

14. The Manchester of South India

15. Mewar Award given by which state

16. Saka Era was started in

17. The leader of Patel Strike in Gujarat

18. The book Unfinished Dream written by

19. Constituent Assembly adopted janaganamana in

20. Mussorie hill station situvated in

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