Kerala PSC : Expected Question for University Assistant Exam - 42

Kerala PSC : Expected Question for University Assistant Exam - 42

1. Which of the following is an exception to'Cell Theory'?

[a] Bacteria
[b] Fungi
[c] Virus
[d] Lichens

2. Which type of stem modification is present in grapes?

[a] Cladophyll
[b] Tendril
[c] Bulb
[d] Corm

3. Who was the Moorish traveller who came to India in 1333 and was appointed as Quazi of Delhi by Muhammed?

[a] Zia -ud- din Barauni
[b] Marco Polo
[c] Ibn Batutah
[d] Alberuni

4. Viticulture is

[a] Forest planting
[b] Honey making
[c] Grape cultivation
[d] RearingSilkworm

5. Fathom is the unit used for measuring

[a] Depth
[b] Sound
[c] Energy
[d] Flow

6. Gobar gas contains mainly

[a] methane
[b] carbon dioxide
[c] butane
[d] carbon monoxide

7. A sum of money doubles itself in 5 years. The number of years, it would treble itself is:

[a] 10 years
[b] 15 years
[c] 20 years
[d] 25 years

8. Which of the country is related to the Jasmine revolution?

[a] Tunisia
[b] Egypt
[c] Libya
[d] Sudan

9. Which article of the constitution deals with Amendment procedure?

[a] 360
[b] 368
[c] 370
[d] 356

10. Kitchen Cabinet prevailed during the period of

[a] Andrew Jackson
[b] Herbert Hover
[c] John Adams
[d] John Tailor

11. Aqua Fortis is

[a] Sulphuric acid
[b] Acetic acid
[c] Hydrochloric acid
[d] Nitric acid

12. Chandragupta II fought war with the

[a] Sakas
[b] Huns
[c] Kushans
[d] Parthians

13. Substance which do not conduct electricity are known as

[a] Conductors
[b] Insulators
[c] Semi conductors
[d] None of these

14. Solankis were the rulers of

[a] Gujarat
[b] Malwa
[c] Ajmir
[d] Bengal

15. As my bicycle was broken, I borrowed ———.

[a] John’s
[b] John’s one
[c] John’s ones
[d] None of these

16. Do you like _______?

[a] to drive
[b] driving
[c] drive
[d] a drive

17. The historical source attributed to Megasthenese is

[a] Indica
[b] Naturalis Historia
[c] Geography
[d] The Periplus of the Erythrean Sea

18. Kurushekthra is situated in the state of

[a] Bihar
[b] Rajasthan
[c] Haryana
[d] Gujarat

19. Who discovered electron?

[a] Rutherford
[b] J.Chadwick
[c] J.J.Thomson
[d] Robert Hook

20. The process of moving the icon on your desktop is called.........

[a] double clicking
[b] high lighting
[c] dragging
[d] pointing

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