Kerala PSC : Expected Question for University Assistant Exam - 51

1. Telegram service in India closed on

2. First woman chief justice of delhi high court

3. MICR stands

4. MY UNFORGETTABLE MEMORIES - book written by

5. Pazhassi tourism centre situated in

6. Who is known as saint without saffron

7. Harish- Chandra research institute situated in

8. The first fully blood donation panchayat in Kerala

9. Atma vidya sangam was founded by

10. Prisoner 5990 book written by (autobiography )

11. Nirdesh ship building research centre situvated in

12. First priest canonised as saint from sreelanka

13. Project Elephant was launched in

14. The book ONNEKAL KODI MALAYALIKAL written by

15. The director of the film Vigatha Kumaran

16. The pass that connects kerala with mysore

17. The book THE BEST THING ABOUT YOU IS YOU written by

18. Parliament of Myanmar

19. Kudremukh iron ore project situvated in

20. The smallest island in lakshadweep

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