Daily Current Affairs Quiz - 12 May 2016

Daily Current Affairs Quiz - 12 May 2016
Daily Current Affairs Quiz 12th May 2016, Current affairs and GK questions on National and International are listed in the Quiz. Candidates those who are preparing for Government Jobs and IBPS/SBI/RRB exams and all other exams can use these questions.

1. The Uttar Pradesh government gave approval forthe development of nearly 200-km long bicycle highway from

[a] Aligarh to Agra
[b] Agra to Etawah
[c] Kanpur to Lucknow
[d] Agra to Mathura
[e] None of the above

2. According to a World Health Organisation report released recently, which city is the most polluted city in the world?

[a] Iran's Zabol
[b] India's Gwalior
[c] India's Delhi
[d] India's Patna
[e] India's Raipur

3. Government body National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority has fixed the ceiling price of ______ drug formulations including those for the treatment of cancer and diabetes.

[a] 39
[b] 42
[c] 54
[d] 61
[e] 65

4. Who was elected unopposed as the ICC's first independent Chairman for two years?

[a] Mustafa Kamal
[b] Shashank Manohar
[c] Adnan Zaidi
[d] Sharad Pawar
[e] None of the above

5. Who among the following accepted the Indian Olympic Association's offer to become the Goodwill Ambassador for Rio Olympics?

[a] Amitabh Bachan
[b] Sharukh Khan
[c] Kamal Hasan
[d] A R Rehman
[e] Sonu Nigam

6. Who among the following is the author of the book “Chaos and Caliphate: Jihadis and the West in the Struggle for the Middle East”?

[a] Neil Jordan
[b] Charlie Jane Anders
[c] Patrick Cockburn
[d] Emily Henry
[e] Amber Sparks

7. UN report has forecasted India’s economy is projected to grow _________ % for the year 2016.

[a] 7.1
[b] 7.2
[c] 7.3
[d] 7.4
[e] 7.5

8. Who among the following has been recommended for the Dronacharya Award by the Hockey India?

[a] Nihar Ameen
[b] Swatantar Raj Singh
[c] Harbans Singh
[d] CR Kumar
[e] None of the above

9. Tony Coziercricket writer, commentator and journalist,died aged 75. He belongs to which country?

[a] West Indies
[b] Australia
[c] New Zealand
[d] Zimbabwe
[e] England

10. Who among the following recommended for Arjuna Award by Hockey India?

[a] Ritu Rani
[b] VR Raghunath
[c] Dharamvir Singh
[d] Only A and B
[e] All the above

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