Kerala PSC : Expected Question for University Assistant Exam - 11

Kerala PSC : Expected Question for University Assistant Exam - 11

1. Finance Bill and Money Bill can't be introduced except on the recommendation of

2. Annual Financial Statement is called:

3. The overall responsibility of preparing Budget rests with:

4. By convention, the Budget is presented on:

5. The two Houses of Parliament works through:

6. Committee on Estimates consists of _____ members

7. Members of Committee on Estimates are exclusively from:

8. The number of members of committee on public undertakings is:

9. The Reports of Public Accounts Committee is presented in the:

10. According to the Parliamentary procedure, the term 'Guillotine' means that the Speaker:

11. Who is the Ex-Officio chairman of Business Advisory Committee(Lok Sabha)

12. The Committee on empowerment of women cme in to being on

13. The Committee on empowerment of women consists of members

14. Name the Indian State that have both Legislative Assembly and Legislative Council;

15. Provision for State Legislature is mentioned in:

16. The maximum minimum number of Legislative Members has to be:

17. The term Legislative Council is:

18. The Legislative Council state in Indian can be created or abolished by:

19. The 25th State of India is:

20. Which Parliament is known as 'Mother of all parliaments'

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