Kerala PSC : Expected Question for University Assistant Exam - 18

1. Only leader to become Deputy Chief Minister of Kerala twice?

2. The first actress/actor to win National Award for the performance in a Malayalam film?

3. The first college in Kerala was set up at

4. The venue of Presidents Trophy boat race?

5. The first congress chief Minister of Kerala

6. Which district has the lowest number of Taluks

7. Who identified the peculiarities of Thattekkad Sanctuary for the first time?

8. Whose birth day is observed as 'Philosopher's Day in Kerala?

9. The year of the oath of Koonam Kurisha?

10. In connection with which event, GAndhiji visited Kerala for the second time, in 1925?

11. The headquarters of Malabar district during the British regime?

12. The museum at East Hill in Kozhikode is named after?

13. Kerala Lok Ayukta Act of 1999 was Amended in?

14. The first city to be granted the status of Corporation after the formation of Kerala State?

15. The Kerala region according to the rock inscription of Emperor Asoka?

16. The centre of the Salt Sathyagraha in Kerala in the Civil Disobedience Movement in 1930?

17. Nelliyampathy hills are situated in the district?

18. The National HIghway running between Quilon and Madurai?

19. The river of Kerala in which large number of dams are constructed?

20. The river which is merging with Arabian Sea at Beyapore?

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