Kerala PSC : Expected Question for University Assistant Exam - 09

1. The famous film song "Eswaran Hinduvailla, Islamalla, Christianiyalla, Indranum Chandranumalla" was written by?

2. Founder of Alapuzha City?

3. Muziris had Trade relationship with?

4. "Ariyittu Vazheha" was the coronation ceremony of?

5. Kerala Panchayat Raj Bill was introduced in the year

6. Name the Malayali editor of Gandhiji's Young India?

7. The Malayalam Lullaby 'omanathingal kidavo' was written by

8. Dr. Herman Gundert who enriched Malayalam Language is a

9. 'Varika Varika Sahajare' these Malayalam poetic lines were written by

10. That state in India which leads in the production of Cashew Kernels is :

11. Which constituency was represented by EMS Namboothirippad in the first Kerala Legislative Assembly?

12. The first fort built by Europeans in India?

13. The only Tropical Rain Forest in Kerala. It is also called as the Cradle of evolution'

14. 'Here Pappa Comes' is the famous paiting of

15. Who was called "the Marthanda VArma of Kochi" as he introduced several reforms

16. The Kerala Kalamandalam was established in the year?

17. 'National University of Advanced Legal Studies', the first Legal University in Kerala is located at

18. In which year 'Kudumbasree' programme was started?

19. Where is the headquarters of Kerala Forest Research Institute?

20. The famous folk dance 'padayani' is orginated at?

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