Kerala PSC : Expected Question for University Assistant Exam - 30

1. Choose the correct word which very closely fits each definition. A person who knows many languages is called ——————.

[a] illiterate
[b] literate
[c] bilingual
[d] multi lingual

2. Who is the youngest Cricket Captain of India?

[a] Dhoni
[b] Gavaskar
[c] Pattodi
[d] Kapil Dev

3. The 193rd member of UNO

[a] Montinegro
[b] East Timor
[c] Kosovo
[d] South Sudan

4. Mustfa Kamal Pasha was the ruler of

[a] Iran
[b] Kuwait
[c] Saudi
[d] Turki

5. Pick out the most effective word from the choices. If he had applied for the post —————.

[a] he get it
[b] he will get it
[c] he will have got it
[d] he would have got it

6. Al Hilal was a news papers started for propagating nationalism by

[a] Abdul Kalam Azad
[b] Mahatma Gandhi
[c] Mohammed Ali
[d] Sayed Ahmed Khan

7. Under the Lead Bank Scheme, a bank was expected to adopt a

[a] village
[b] town
[c] district
[d] state

8. Which country has been constituted by the Magsaysay award?

[a] USA
[b] India
[c] Norway
[d] Philippines

9. Who was the first Muslim invader of India?

[a] Muhammad Gori
[b] Alexander
[c] Mohammed bin Quasim
[d] Nadirshah

10. Name the Indian woman who for the first time won an Asian gold?

[a] Kamaljit Sandhu
[b] P.T.Usha
[c] Arati Gupta
[d] None of these

11. Ashoka Pillar at Allahabad provides information about the reign of

[a] Chandragupta Maurya
[b] Chandragupta I
[c] Samudragupta
[d] Chandragupta II

12. The first Private hydro-electric power project is situated at ........

[a] Maniyar
[b] Peechi
[c] Pallivasal
[d] Sabarigiri

13. Which among the following game is associated with ‘Rovers Cup’?

[a] Hockey
[b] Football
[c] Lawn Tennis
[d] Badminton

14. I have booked my ticket through the agent ______ I know is very efficient.

[a] whom
[b] which
[c] who
[d] that

15. Who got Janapith award in 2010?

[a] Sreelal Shukla
[b] ONV Kurup
[c] Amarkanth
[d] Chandra Sekhar Kamba

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