Kerala PSC : Expected Question for University Assistant Exam - 15

Kerala PSC : Expected Question for University Assistant Exam - 15

1. In which city the first double decker fly over of India was inaugurated?

2. Which university has topped in "Times World's Reputation Rankings 2015"?

3. The union Ministry of water resources has decided to celebrate the year 2015-16 as

4. Which committee appointed to probe the solar panel scam in Kerala?

5. The Asian city where the first municipal election were held in 60 years in 2014 December?

6. Which committee recommended new criterion for determining poverty line?

7. Union Ministry for communications and Information Technology released the commemorative postage stamps on the theme of____?

8. To which sports Sebsatian Vettel is related?

9. Who was elected as General Secretary of Indian Olympic Association in 2014?

10. Home may sub groups of Chief Minister had been constituted within NITI Aayog?

11. The political party of Pawan Kumar Chamling who became the chief Minister of Sikkim for the 5th term.

12. The theme of National Science Day 2015 is

13. World's largest and tallest Indian Flag has been unfurled at which place in India?

14. Surya Kiran is a combined military training exercise between Indian and _____

15. Who is the author of the Book "India Shastra : Reflections on the Nation in our time"?

16. The Indira Paryaavaran Bhavan" India's first Net Zero Energy building is located in which city?

17. The number of seats won by United Progressive Alliance in 2014 General Election?

18. Who was appointed as the chairman of Kerala Lalith Kala Academy?

19. The former Deputy Prime Minister of India who was conferred Padmavibhushan in 2015?

20. The Hero Indian Open tournament is related to which sports?

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